every religion and culture, their history, their traditions, their beliefs have resorted to a symbol to describe. In this paper, we will work to understand issues explaining cultural and religious symbols. Symbol, as the word means, is a concept that allows you to become an expression of the abstract. For example, crescent for Muslims, for Jews, star of David, for Christians, the cross such as…

is a symbol for the Muslims

· the Kaaba: Muslims and all Muslims are to circumambulate the Kaaba the Kaaba was to go to sembollestirilm by becoming a religious ritual. Turning around the Kaaba, a symbol of holiness made by adding into the rotation.

· hacerü’l Aswad: a black stone from the sky has become a symbol for mass. This holiness of God sent to earth for Muslims for the black stone has gained. So sometimes if the sender is an important person from the religious point of the symbol could become

· sometimes to the mountains, where she attends to the meaning of the symbol. For example, in the mountain of hira. Landed because of the Word of God is the symbol of a mountain. The sanctity of the place, the cavern becomes the symbol outside of the form.

· Merve-Hill sefa: Hz . Sara’s son Ishmael to resolve it is to navigate between two hills and the water needs of this come and go event for Muslims has become the symbol of holiness by adding to be an important phenomenon. Why go human again and yay again for the coming event? This action will cause the gain of the holiness of God that has forgiven is a blessing.

· Stoning: stoning of the symbolic has become a symbol of the human soul. The reason is that if become the symbol of the devil, deceived by the contemplation of Eve.

· Fasting: body place. You need to nurture the body. And this has become a symbol for the Muslims.

· Victim: a symbol of something that we care about something or describing God gained for us by becoming a symbol of the proximity of holiness.

· Zamzama, Zakat, Obligatory, etc…

is a symbol for the Jews

· The Temple of Solomon: the origins of Judaism existence in jail with God first expressing affection that expresses ha-brother, bet-el, symbolic of a temple built in the name of God. Putting the letter into the stone the Jews, believed to God has become a symbol of the letters would go.

· Kipa: every place is God’s place on earth. And this also is a manifestation of the sacred. A symbol expressing people that he was a servant of God.

· strap Prayer: a prayer that ends with the left hand starting from the forehead and finally People. People is a variation of a symbol of devotion to God.

is a symbol for the Christians

· Love: God is love. And this is also a symbol of love that enables us to become factor.

· Jesus: God’s manifestation on earth. This allows us to indirectly become a symbol of Jesus.

· Blood, wine, and bread: the bread is Christ’s body, the wine that represents his blood symbols. Ease the guilt of all people for the purpose of the crucifixion of Jesus, sembollesmis becomes an atonement for the people.( Adam and Eve as Atonement from sins that you have committed)

· Logos: the body is a symbol of God in Jesus symbolically. So, to find God embodied and the body.


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