The importance of voting !!!

the vote, after all, it is the duty of us. As we all know, the nation state, as against the nation and against the state, there are some tasks, and these tasks at the beginning of the vote. To vote for the State you live in to have a say in the management of people is the only way. The course of people to determine their own future. Therefore, it is of great importance. The word democracy is true democracy of the people and Societies of the right to vote is a requirement.

whatever your own opinion, to express it and to declare only what is right for you from among many parties to use your vote at the Polls. Yourself, your family, your nation, your country should support and should choose what’s right for you. Almost like a functioning arm of democracy is voting. Even the most important part of democracy. The state recognized that this right to use the trunk we should use our vote to go. In our country, unfortunately, has not been recognized sufficiently the importance of voting. Many people live and memnunsuzluk and cast a vote for the course. However, when you use simple and only vote politics and have a say in the governance of the country joined as an individual, it would. Therefore, only the right to criticize belongs to the people who voted. Criticism of the state to fulfill its responsibility to persons who do not exist in the state administration are quite useless. To determine the future of a country no matter where you live, you should definitely go and use your vote. If traveling outside your country or various vacation plans, postpone them, or to vote the day you must come back to the Union. ”What will happen if a vote is missing,” or ”my game is what I do” you shouldn’t have thoughts like that. As a citizen of this country, he must not escape your responsibility to the government, you must fulfill.

let’s not forget the elections, with voters makes sense. June 7, 2015 please trunk all of us, the beginning of let it be.


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