The last glow of summer Flormar live with the difference

the end of the summer season before all of the radiance, reflect your face with flormar from each other attractive products.

as we approach the last days of summer, in the days Flormar, the women’s needs of quality and attractive products from each other will move to the top of the list. The difference with the sparkle and quality of Flormar women will feel on their face and under her fingernails.

prepared by flormar true color blush you’re used to staying faithful to the colors of the blush series is offered in 10 different color options. By nourishing your skin with vitamin E and Panthenol in the content, allows you to get a Live View.
Price:10.75 GBP

look great with mascara and a mascara that provides the perfect view of a brush tip lash mascara volume up power was produced in two different options. Look great ‘Lash Power Mascara , your lashes look fuller while providing a creamy texture and enriched with volume up Mascara look great even short individually separated Lashes looking like helps to create.
Price:11.90 TL

Diamonds Terracotta eye shadow used with a wet brush, when removing the foreground glow that offers this feature, provides persistence for long hours. It glides easy, and the formula enriched with shiny pearls more quickly than usual undistorted content and lets make your eyes attractive.
Price: 17.20 TL

the nail Polish Flormar, pastel and pearl, prepared as a wide range of color Options, feature a prolonged lasting and resistance against external factors and a visible shine on the nails with eye-catching colors is creating. To clean teeth bright and shiny for a natural look one coat for a look are encouraged to apply 2 coats.
Price: 1.75 TL

all products flormar you can order from the address. Moreover, $ 30 for purchases over your makeup bag from flormar a very stylish gift!


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