The Living Conditions Are Very Bad In Ukraine

I live in Ukraine for 3 years, I am married to a lady here. Sounds like a great place this country is our own country after seeing me. The economy collapsed in this country, though far from where we live, everyday there are conflicts, and young people are dying. People here are Apple, banana or some other fruit with such weight in our country, they don’t take they can take one at a time. 1300 grivna minimum wage (in today’s terms, with 130 TL), weight, and 30 to 40 grivna and a fruit, you do the math. Women have to be strong because men are often drunk and irresponsible, there are even Electric buses are very old, my age is 28 even though I can’t remember, and old women are using these buses, you miss again when there is a technical problem and the driver stop the vehicle and doing things that might make a man hard. A bag in the store paid. The authority that bribes don’t work, not the institution. For people who want to leave the country and live in another country they’re trying to make the final score, 170 grivna grivna passport fee from people making noise and people are afraid of because they take 1200, while in our country don’t have a place they can call such rights. The roads are terrible, the pit filled. People’s lives has no value, 20-year-old young people gathered on a mandatory basis and they are strong technological weapons in their hands getting out in front of the Russians and, of course, the conclusion is obvious. so it came to my mind right now, but I will add when it comes.

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  1. Franny

    This article is as wrong as it could possibly be. Take it from me, every summer I go to ukraine to vist my family. Most Ukrainians have jobs, and you said EVERYTHING wrong!! Young people are NOT dying, that’s the stupidest stuff I have EVER heard in my life! The economy did not collapse, people still have good jobs. Please, dude, stop feeding people the wrong info 

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