The Men Among Themselves, What Speaks?

What Speaks In Between Men?

the way our minds work, 7 minutes, 7 seconds, or a 7 hour enough to slip under the waist love’s Who we are.One of the greatest slander thrown on us.

no more tits. Women chat outside areas.

Sexuality may be one of the most essential needs of human nature, but so much of that area is the focal point of our chat sex do you think?

Really, what speaks to men?

men who are good with girls, I don’t think you could have much information about it.One of the men, because among themselves they talked, they talked among themselves and the girls.”

Well, we’ll talk about what really happened?



the conversation in question turns to a minimum of 100,000 pounds on the car.Everyone reveal their personal fantasies.Some SUV loves sports and others.It is essential to have high engine power alone.

Abi water to the dismay of the Scirocco.

of them . out of the models, the price …’possum.

The White looks pretty cool.

-yeah, dude.It will be one from him, don’t take the girl don’t.


probably one of the big 3 is tied to dilmen held by Ridvan.

no soul or Team spirit.

-and-drop, saying this is what happens when you send a guy like quaresma man sacrifice sacrifice.

they haven’t their money, why do you guys play the olm.

-what about their millions of dollars of bastards isn’t enough?

right well.He had to be a footballer now.The propeller would be after us girls.


current spoken or action film.Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, the hell’s Angels in the air turns.

did you see the bus scene in the fast and the furious?

-a little heavy, but number 10, Paul Walker, man.

I wish you hadn’t died.Well I’m sorry to the guy that went at a young age.

-What you’re upset about dude, just with women he’s slept like a stone until that age.


Everyone think is the best of their musical tastes.At home, listening slow music, friends, the environment, and its place in Snoop Dogg, Pitbull leaves.

Dude, if you have good music on you, throw it into my USB.

OK dude, which ones to get.

your head up, 50 Cent, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez or something.

-he alone is what’s hip so there’s Jennifer Lopez, right?

Abi stone or stone woman.Physics is so full of what the woman says.


conversations with the most extensive footprint on the basis that they are.Spend because much time with them.Most of these are on your head gets tired.

let’s go over to the school.

what we’re getting closer to the finals, B*K olm yicez we do not have.

-The notes I get from dilara don’t worry about it dude.

Oh cakaaalll 🙂 also you’ve got the conversation going immediately.

-no, dude, I’m just taking notes account.

come on, Come on, let’s go.So, begum between them was not good? Dilara begum you you get.


most of the men spending a lot of time on the phone and the computer for the equipment in the technological field is high.Or even, does not freak out.He’s doing his thing.


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