The Mentality That Need To Be Eliminated In Order To Be Happier

The mentality that in order to be more happy as a country need to be eliminated

1 – perspective mini dress for ladies who:

certainly, one of the biggest problems in our country, the mini dress is made for ladies who are shit.

2 – Gay perspective:

one of every three gay or bad things in our country, suicide is thought to occur. Let’s not forget that the main reason for this is excluded by the people.

3 – Adolescents:

at the time of puberty, people experience major problems. These issues to be addressed and each person must be a psychologist more closely the age of puberty.

4 – Relationship:

an individual of the opposite sex from the age of 15 ,he starts to become interested in sexual. This suppression of sexual urges by his family in the future, for children, for women and even for men, emotions give rise to individuals that feeds into the kinky. In our country, let’s not forget that rape and sexual abuse in the first row.

5 – long-distance Mindset:

deallocate the country People East West. The differences in mindset that arise from this situation and really affect people. Western normal Western people in the East in the East while meeting people who live in cities or in cities in the future underestimation is experiencing difficulties.

6 – gender:

the male dominance that begins in the first family in our country, and the freedoms given to male children in the future, the emergence of abused women, or grown men leads to problems like that of finding a wife.

7 – Education:

we can say is the biggest problem in our country. Exam-based training system is fool around with the generations grow. Actually, the reason is very clear because of their own contacts are being stupid beginners generation to rise more easily, and in the future the country plans to be able to easily manage.


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