The Name Of The Movie Passing In Front Of Stars

some of the players,the Director of the film there follow without looking at the content they lead to.belirtice them in this CEM.

Johnny deep

I think this guy is second to none in charisma.hoolywood flour known as bad boy, Johnny strange,usually we see in different roles.but most of all piracy suits him:))

Tom Cruise

such high quality for so many years in the 80s until today there are very few people who made the movie.I watched almost all his movies and the guy very well indeed.stunt also gives its handling characteristics

Will Smith

take in a few movies a certain standard of quality is one of the established names.particularly science fiction films is one of the indispensable was one of the best drama movies I’ve seen the film so had life.

Steven Spielberg

after his dreams persistently increasingly has been directed by one of the first names that comes to mind when story shows that despite rejection than people who did not give up.

Christopher Nolan

even a deaf person has heard the name by now.movies after passing through his hands, it’s like magic.he had to admire his intelligence, once again.

Cameron Diaz

The woman I love, especially romantic comedies.first mask I saw in the film, it was very nice in there:)))))

Jim Carrey

Sometimes we find exaggerated facial expressions, but the comedy mentioned are a few that come to mind when one of my jobs.I’m watching liar liar:)))

Tom Hanks

Forrest Gump,movies with Yesil like the way you could choose in the Da Vinci Code,angels and demons I love movies.

Bruce Willis

one of the stars of the action movie the film mystery is one of the best feeling of the films.death is one of the most known movies in the series difficult.

Morgan Freeman

big play now and in the future the cost of Sada in a supporting role in the top of every list ” is a masterpiece.

Jackie Chan

I don’t suppose you have to love this guy.seyretmissi fighting constantly laughing many times in Jackie’s movies is probably.Dec cizgifilmi had a TV.

Leonardo DiCaprio

this player is also very flirtatious because of her beauty I guess we can talk:)

each film is a different world, really.

Rachel mcadams

when you’re that cute romantic movies more movies though not very beautiful itself is, of course:)))

there’s more, of course, but I think it is:))


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