The New State Of The World: Liberland

Hi all,

in the last days, especially with social media and his name often heard in the news Liberland is a state deficit. If you say why statism, the state is built on an area of only 7 square kilometers, that’s why.

The Government of the Republic of Serbia’s full name Turkish free liberland so liberland on the European continent and the city of the monostor Croatia on the Croatian side of the Danube River between the cities of Zmeyavets 45°46’N 18°52’E coordinates by a citizen of the Czech Republic in April 2015 on an area of 13 7km2 vit jedlicka was founded in.

State how that was established?

after the disintegration of Yugoslavia between 1991 and 2001 there was a buffer zone on the border dispute between these two states of living. The one who discovered this area, Vit Jedlicka, a citizen of the Czech Republic declared its independence in April 2015 13 liberland established.


  • the country’s own arms and the flag.
  • Vit Jedlicka, President
  • the motto “live and let live”, “live and let live”.
  • Capital Liberpolis
  • management: a shape, a constitutional republic and a direct democracy enabled.

the country currently open to requests and the country of citizenship of the Republic of liberland’s official site official site. To respect everyone in terms of citizenship, not belonging to far right groups and the left, and need to not have criminal activity.

The Official site’s forums don’t be a stranger in the land you conquered the Turks.


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