The Next Level: Avalon!

Hi KS inhabitants!

it’s been a while since you wrote again. I’m sure some of you have noticed this. I’m going to share with you tonight before I watched and I liked benchmade with a fiction, named Avalon, will introduce the film. Hope you enjoy it.

I’m ready when you are!

the Avalon structure, thriller, fantasy and some science fiction, containing Japan, America and France that found life built in 2001, in partnership with eminent film. If it is in the director’s chair, very much I love my mamoru oshii and naivety that adds a bombardment of Supreme human imagination sits. Well, mamoru oshii who was it?

if you remember the anime called Ghost in the shell another dime you plugging the head, the brain, who has everything and beautiful people. Actually, you can look for it here. Look at the points of the film cast and if you want to, go ahead. Finally, the music for the film Kenji Kawai who is also very adept.

let’s the topic of our film.

our sister Malgorzata Foremniak cold-eyed beauty, and acting with a life-giving, character named ash, who lives with his dog in the film presents the appearance of a woman.

However, Ash mediocrity and stagnation in his town, everyone constantly plays battle simulation game called Avalon crazy to play back an improved planar. Ash, who wasted their days and nights for the sake of this game is too good from other people and from young people. Even so, havoc is protected.

proving yourself and improving more and more everyday with every game played Ash, becoming a legend for competitors.

but the Avalon is just a simple game. How Call of duty is similar to that of a strike nor a counter. Special identity cards are created, and attaching a console to play this game asleep by highly technological title is played.

so this game has an advanced structure, most people lose their consciousness when it becomes like a weed in the game and failed. Ash which has been rising rapidly in this game that require extra attention, one day, that is accessible to very few people during the game and learns where the secret is hidden than the upper level of the name. However, this just doesn’t want Ash to reach the secret level and last. Some players create their teams and groups looking to take the step to the last level and stronger.

join one of these groups manages to Ash Here, and all in your mind begins to search for answers to unanswered questions. The story really starts here!

The game will remind you of the necessarily fictional in terms of the structure matrix. Because Mamoru Oshii, Ghost in the shell the matrix, erasing in life by creating in its own right, yet Put a signature. Benchmade even that I repeat what I said: I think the matrix took inspiration from anime!

Avalon, cold and grey world. The hunger and misery of people they are, but fall under the spell of a phenomenon in the structure that associate with Avalon pass. Super attraction and exciting action scenes like the matrix don’t be expecting it. Avalon pretty sluggish and heavy are on the track. Of course, the scenes that occur every once in a while lends the film a separate air war game.

I didn’t notice when I saw this movie, but after the shell of a ghost and I’m trying to figure out what made me curious is there are a few details of importance. I want to share them with you. For example, Ghost in the shell, major motoko kusanagi and ash in Avalon, and so the characters physically are quite similar to each other. Also, in both films, a basset breed dogs in the lobby. I tried to call to see what this dog story or feature. I didn’t get anything in writing, but Mamoru oshii many years ago such a scared dog, I found the photo. As I said, me and the imagination that contributed to this master Director among many things, I embraced this dog so much, and I used to have my own book which I like.

after running it and looking for your own mystery at the same time, a different war that incorporates the phenomena of Avalon exactly is ideal for you if you want to watch a movie!

meanwhile, right now, right now I would like to share a story that I learned. Even inevitably I’m excited. My favorite anime Ghost in the shell, from the format to the big screen action, science fiction, thriller elements and adaptive in the workshop as a movie in the state.

according to my information, to the director’s chair and the film will be released in 2016, the British-born Director Rupert Sanders, he would sit with. I love the characters, Major Motoko kusanagi, I appreciate it a lot love the job again and I hung chick personality, wants Scarlett Johansson to portray. Then in her eyes now I’m playing wow! (Mischief your mind! I mean as in the form of Cyborg Kusanagi.)Anyway. Watching Avalon I hope you guys liked you, and like you. Thanks in advance to anyone who reads duly by law.

stay in good health and peace.


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