The Only Truth Of Life : ‘Death ‘

The only truth of life : Death


People in the womb like a seed, grow seedlings from the world. Eat and drink your mother for 9 months nasiplenen seed.Tie the cord that connects us with those precious people we held.

the bond that we hugged Tightly, we struggled a lot in the world to come, we kicked in our mother’s tummy, we sometimes bored, sometimes we stand alone umbilical-cord in the way we sometimes suppress our sex in the womb we came out the other side, but somehow we are to the world.

during the birth, that first cry of life we have lived.In the mother’s womb out of that comfortable place in the world, maybe we take this life we air the first oxygen is very dirty, and began to cry.We also ate from the doctor during the birth of the first gauntlet, the first slap our ass.

head down, he kept Us on our feet, he said, this life is not true, you look at the reverse if you want to see the world right life.There we learned first experience.The first beating, the first cry, the first advice we had on that event.


we were born and now it’s time to no longer care for us.Our mother gave us everything that we tried to eat without exception.Tried to enlarge from the US to care practice.Maybe we’re sick and waited with us until the morning, maybe in the hospital in the morning, but the only purpose was to keep us alive.

we’ve Always relaxed in his lap, she asked us the most because it showed us that temperature is always in big time and she carried in her womb.Sometimes we cried, we let him, but he always approached us with compassion, and she knew he would shut up.Little sacrifice that our Father didn’t come home from work, his feet shook, bad breath able to provide for us to make money who knows who drew.

but somehow they raised us.We took them and maybe a baby.Had a dream of theirs.Was to grow up and be a man.


now the period of infancy is over.School started now.On the first day he washed us, decorated our diet, prepared, dressed in beautiful how.We held hands to take to school.Day at school always waited so that you don’t recognize.Each go at recess and hugged him.We were staying alone for the first time.

because she’s the mother was continuing to show the same love that was ever so assiduously.We took her lunch feeding, she was feeding us our food, food in our bellies now.Until you get used to us never let it go.

together, we did our homework on him, the sweat after a run, the sweat of our backs all the time he took our bathroom, too, cut our nails, then kissed her cheek, saying What’s good.


we are not children anymore, we came to realise what’s what.In fact, he did so many wrongs right.My mother, my father said he doesn’t know much either. We usually play them.We cried when we refused to let us go somewhere we objected.

smoking, as they say we were closer to a branch.So feast we pulled our lungs.We feel our youth was passed against the people who always good.- We’re all coming to our senses, everyone we met or the smartest.

The Family ultimately said goodbye to all of their children.You accepted it. Told you many times to change the truth.The efforts that used to be said Every time.But we we haven’t been ignoring them.Hit and out the door we went.


time to say to my youth where we have taken the first step in this day and age. We got married and maybe even our kids.We gave them our mother, our Father, we tried to show the compassion you showed.Because he is a part of you and if you throw in can be thrown to sell is not sold.Now we actually our mother, our Father, we fell always good to us, but we always we got it wrong.

In this day and age, mom, dad you learn to appreciate. Ultimately, mom, dad you’ve been, You know, the spoken words of the youth, and always for our good.You don’t want to leave him, you serve, every opportunity to kiss your hand, Thank you mom and dad who made this possible.


from time it the unknown that goes into this port a ship departs from.

this string are the same as described in life.Have been having our last moments of life.From this port, of course we will leave, sometimes left behind, our hand shakes, tears and sometimes cheeks is filtered.Death have no age, let’s get with our loved ones at every opportunity.

this we need to know that no one in the world is not eternal.

every soul shall taste death

Then we need to know the value of the elderly, ‘ we’ll grow old we.We stayed in will be the points we need.Our most valuable assets in our lives, we should have them.


The only truth of life : Death .

I told you in the beginning.After a certain period of life for us will end. Maybe we won’t have a prayer behind the ones you love. We value those in hand.

I recently asked a question:

ever did you put soil on top of the person you love?

a lot of people had experienced this pain responses I’ve received.Here’s one of them :

the incident where I live

I lived in me in the event that’s why I wrote this 1 year ago I lost my uncle this question.Koyand me the most was of his kids doing it to him.3 had one son.Itself had kidney disease, dialysis had begun.Youngest son, did a credit check on his father, and loan the money is deducted from the salary that is honorably retired.With the loan you took of me married.

his father had a hard time, more than the sons of other men couldn’t go, they couldn’t properly take care of their father, 52 years old, was a kidney patient, but there wasn’t so much discomfort.We used to go together because they are too far away from us, and we always ask if we we’d telefonlasird needs, and ultimately is the closest thing.

Friday was the day 1, The Friday prayer congregation dispersed friends to ask how you are in front of the door when I walked to the door stole.The lady opened the door.Avni was my uncle’s name.How to master Avni, let’s see, says the friend. In the Lady of the House welcomes Avni Avni he called, but didn’t wake up, removed a quilt, it’s freezing.Sleeping there passed away, quietly.

she came back to life crying and went quietly.When there is one male and 3 child hunger.This made me very laid.Lovers he didn’t leave the funeral alone for the first time, I could see such a crowd around me.It was bequeathed to his youngest son , so don’t come to my funeral if I died.But that was it.

and Max, she cried, how regret, could hardly stand. Everybody was staring at him, because he knew guilt.This is the life.Now shed the tears fell on the grave of his father, maybe open the flower, there was lifeline. Too late now, boy, he does not belong to the world anymore.

appreciate your loved ones while on earth.Your mother, your father.

in the world kiss your hand if we’ll move you to kiss the ground when he died.!


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