The pearl of the world, and a favorite Holiday Marmaris Turkey

it’s a place that you consider a great image when viewed in the foothills of the mountains the roads bends buyulesin begin with.

is entered into when the height of the sea smell and the awesome oxygen from your ears are fascinated by the most beautiful songs.

in the summer months the popular beach resort has great activities in the area

Beach Volleyball

Beach dances.

jet ski,banana, flying in the water, parachute, etc. all are among the kings of Marmaris beach.u

the welcoming 3 million average holidaymaker vacation destination.

you will walk on the sea if someone said, What would you say ?. 🙂

The girl in the sand here in orhaniye.


in the old days, the king of the neighborhood with the daughter of a fisherman, fell in love with each other. However, the King’s daughter, the angler, he won’t…and that being the case, a young man with a girl they’re meeting in secret, of course…

The Father of the king, that your daughter learns them in time, and a night to the track… say, a fisherman coming from the sea, the girl was waiting for her at the beach where he was pointing to the light, a young man with the boy and the daughter of the king, they were doing to each other until dawn love games…

The King, one night, the light signal commands to send soldiers to catch the fisherman and the girl on the beach. Boy, I saw the light when a girl on a rowing boat the boat and the horses, a squad of soldiers, a soldier is saved and begins to run as from the hands of love to save, but it is impossible to catch up to the other side of the village… but love this listens to a rule or something. Waters throws himself… and in that moment, a miracle happens! Every place you step your daughter on the beach while chasing the soldiers buried at sea as you press it, the girl with all the Weight the boat run all the way to an archer… But at that moment, the boy, retrieve the target arrow… Alas! Girl and boy in each other’s arms they were ok… and even come and meet the girls to say, that sand, when mixed with red painted if I bought the girl’s a sea of blood… boy, way to go girl, have ever seen then what is heard!…

we are in the neighborhood of one’s drinking 🙂

already on top of the name in the past, people they went to içmeler çakır keyf master. And still it is gone. Especially When One Of The Lovers ‘ Hill Vardirki Are Perfect.

there is even a song 🙂

Note: in the picture the Mother of my friend.

it is Surely even matter who falls here once in Marmaris 🙂

and Marmaris nightlife, with world famous Bar Street.

The Bar Street in Marmaris Istiklal Street, which it filled remains empty next to him 🙂

for example, this isn’t a bar Street 🙂

the nightlife in Marmaris is indistinguishable from Ibiza.Quality standards are very high. Can be a bit expensive, but fun was near 0%.

there are bars and very nice. Main bars.



The Beach Club

Marmaris bars in the world-famous singer, has given concerts in.

of course, famous people increased from Marmaris

great examples of this

See Serdar and Ahmet is the rule.

see Serdar Marmaris has gained a reputation with performances in singing started.

Marmaris water sports between the ages of 18 and 21 with Ahmet rule that works did you know ?


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