The Problem Is That ID Is Religious/Legendary/Mythological Figures

1 – dhu’l-qarnayn

The Quran and the prophethood, which is an outstanding disputed last Name ash. Personality is a topic which is discussed in history. Him the first Islamic scholars to establish a state from east to West, and the double-horned Alexander the great due to wear a helmet that could be emphasized. For this reason, some works in “Alexander I.” called by the name. However, the other pulled his vizier rüstem paşa was contended that the ulema class Oguz Kagan.

epic Oguz Kagan, Ergenekon, and, based on this opinion, which was made this inference al-kahf verses of Surat an exact match of the Orkhon kitabeleri supports. The occurrence of Quran Allah knows the best for this person, he says, that the opinion that Oguz Kagan benimserim and I’ll let you know.

ownership reports in Arabic Oct Zu al-qarnayn word is a binary Word of the shoot of the horn. Alex also comes from the same root as the word and double-Word of the ox. Because an ox has two horns of oxen is called. The word Oguz his double-horned is due to wearing a helmet. Oguz also what is below what I mean. This similarity strengthens this conclusion. For this reason, dhul-qarnayn in the history of bilge Kagan han or Mete may be available. And, of course, Allah knows best. Sahensah his Persian Cyrus the great, Christians and Jews, they say. The Great Wall of China the Great Wall of dhul qarnayn is said to be. An estimate of this citation. Mahmud of Kashgar and the person who voiced it first.

2 – oğuz kağan

the problem is that the identity of Oguz Kagan. Oguz Kagan is certain to be the same personage and other words, even though (but not) in the history of these people, it is not clear who they are.

This is a joke or Oguz Khan is the President of the hun empire that is a topic which is discussed by historians and the President of the state mitolojici. Her water may have or mete han said. Despite this, there are some that could argue that his bilge Khan.

3 – King Arthur

one of the most important figures in European mythology. European modernist believe that he really is a character that is not a lot of personality. Radical groups in europe by the Prophet Jesus (as.s). According to researchers, the Eastern, King Arthur, Alexander the Great is none other than.

4 – Izanagi

Izanagi, the first man and the first Sintostlerce accepted God. Japanese researchers has been concerned with this topic more in general for accepting Atheism, Western scientists. According to Western researchers, than a God with izanagi very first human nature are at the forefront. And with this feature has been deified and endowed with extraordinary powers by the Japanese. That Adam (a.s) other than. The same thing applies to mythology that exists in the Turkish torungey. He also is the first person. And Adam (a.s) other than.

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