The reasons don’t answer the question by KS 1000 -2

Kscan Hi,

The question continues to refine the views of the causes of psychological 1000lerce KS.

a problem because after saving the draft so I had to split it into two beautiful CEM.

I continue.

1) flour the girls asks the difference in format

question-and-answer, and finally, I think with KS , social networking sites, within comes to the fore with different formats, are becoming naturally attractive, when the girl in the phrase the site’s name. I’m not saying Google says.

2) to answer the question the person that adds value to the idea

as a society now, we know everything, no one is ignorant, not everyone’s an expert, everyone is organised in a way flowing quietly.

who saw the site in question is a member


  • drawing with a subliminal message, I answer it and when he comes back to the question then, sort of, is satisfied. People want to be valued,
  • water psychology who responded to the question responds with: I’m worth, I can give you an answer, in answer to your question. Because I feel worthy to help you even more value I’m making

3) beach activities

the site is under the spell of a nice comment: Thank you @le

The only visual where young people could hang out venue.

of flour from other sites asks the girls explained the difference very good, I got exactly.

Facebook, relatives-eco-friendly

on Twitter if there’s a certain line, softcover and limited, it’s like a documentary.

eliminate ignorance in the social field in kizlarsoruyor you’re asking questions you didn’t ask you earlier, you have the chance to meet someone. Some sexual thirst in addition to hunger for the secrets of life, I enjoyed sharing dreams. Like the beach – no one makes a sandbox, no one throws a glance at Bikini girls pervert, nobody plays volleyball, shows baklava, no one drinking-place, plays.

4) generational conflict, away from the bonding environment of young people

with the big boys in the house with my family, difficult to communicate with relatives in this century, so the head of the beautification of the youth for hanging out with a guy with a nice head, this is the case in real life, it’s virtual.

asks the girls at the site, except for users under the age of 18 (18-24) , (25-29), age ranges etc, with the left lobe and the right lobe of the brain connects its members with brother is making.

share the joy.


please specify also if you have anything you want to add.

pleasant moments.

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