The reasons of young people interested in the subject

Yes.Here’s the matter of why these young people interested in atheism?He constantly put down Islam and those religions have intrigued me lately, I realized the need to share something with me and this Yi this topic I think I started writing.

1. The number one reason that I think ozentilik. There are those who say this before a thousand stim bookmark looks around. This says I’m like you guys to abide by them.

2. Islam can be used by exemplary persons, systematically worse. Adnan oktar Lighthouse or the score. Accordingly, these Muslims if not response.

shown under the name of a religion is nonsense, superstition, religion is a good enough reason to cool down from the extremely youth.

3. One other reason for this is that the television In my opinion.

now after I said this, look at that shit, we don’t watch television, you can now DIY, but alias are not called The Idiot box or on TV as vain.The television event not just for the young not one of the most important tools in the spread of popular culture.

4. Of young people called the Illuminati-governmental organization is attracted to.

5. As They Entered The Thick Of Some Of The More Ridiculous Ideas In The Environment To Look Cool, I’m An Atheist They Say.

6. It can be seen as the freedom of atheism.

7. The other reason for me easy access to information such as the Internet, the widespread use of the formation of belief by the atheist preachers already unstable people on social media, forums, tempering in dictionaries.

8. The lack of concrete proof of the existence of Allahu TA’ala (Allah forbid) and the theory of Darwinism is based on beliefs that the human species came from apes.

9. Islam in our country are pushing to the back burner so that’s the result.

10. It is easy to reject the invisible, the real issue, you can open your heart and believe in the unseen.

11. And finally

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