The Series Of Extraordinary Films – 1

there are some movies, however has been heard or monitored by the loved enthusiast stranded to name a few really great productions. Here are 3 of 1 EV, with the logic you try to present a few of them.

Mr. nobody

every day in our lives, you are making a choice. Even wake up every morning and making the choice between waking up to go to school and no go. Our dinner in the cafeteria eat or eat in the cafe. Say hi to people or say. A phone call or open the phone to open or not. Battery of our 5% or 6% of that that there is that much difference between. It shows us this movie. As a bonus, Pigeon superstition/butterfly effect/string theory/the Big Bang/deja vu/entropy/the big crunch/fibonacci series/Oedipus complex/pheromone addresses issues.


Probably a very well known movie may be the time to focus on our abilities, or our time is actually the reflex that is important in our lives and it’s a beautiful film that allows us to step into a different perspective. What would you do if you were limitless?

Before midnight

before sunrise and Before sunset are probably the best of the series in our lives. Don’t panic, you don’t need to watch this movie to see before sunrise and before sunset. Just make sure that you understand. My background is Finnish life and relationships of the fragile structure. More to avoid spoilers, I will stop here. Follow!

Die Welle

A German teacher on the platform of a social experiment, starting with mass in the film are shown as examples of how dangerous it is and how easy of control. Answer to the question of whether you can find back links after Hitler’s autocracy.


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