The site of the most bizarre and contrary to the man @a little interview with SandroSauman

Hi @Thank you for accepting my offer SandroSauman

you’re welcome.

First, how old are you ?

I’m thirty years old

why it says 21 on the profile ?

@Korean teen I closed the account in the name of this account from my friend when I started.

as a member of the site a lot of the girls do you have any idea what we found strange about you why ?

of course there is. My guess is the girls I made for reminders of the message to the people.

exactly. Why are you doing this ?

A Continuous ugliness and have an inferiority complex for the new generation. I don’t approve of it. For this reason, I’m reminded of them both inside and outside ores. It’s hard to think that girls want to flirt more, and they’re wrong. I think they find it so funny.

well, ask yourself, do you consider a person against society ?

The only reason considered against the community wants to hear instead of what I don’t tell the truth. But I admit that I’m wild.

constantly say that marriage is seen as a sociological imposition would you explain that ?

it’s not marriage itself, marriage is society to impose, through youth and age to show they are force to marry as I see it.

a man in terms of marriage and having children, I was recently explaining that is hard, but it makes sense to me and I think you’ve been accurate in the detection wrote. I think this drew a huge response, especially by girls. What do you think is the reason for this ?

young girls looked very emotional and reacted with emotions again. The reason for this is they want to hear instead of what I don’t tell the truth.

do you think there is love ?


you’re cold. The most important thing that separates animals with people, isn’t it ?

Well, animals don’t have feelings ? We do we share with animals the same cell as biological ? The most important feature that separates logical thinking people, the idea of the potential to implement it into action.

outside, the girls expression with the Rude peeps are you ?

I did no such thing in the joy of dirty minded myself if I’d feel like a loser.

what is the most priceless feeling in the world ?

being on the road with my bike

do you agree with the membrane not the word with Honor ?

Partly. The clean side through which the thoughts of the past we don’t know about a lot of girls are there.

do you want a world without war ?

war is bad, very bad. But the Son of man into the world has an instinct to kill. Want a world without war, is to deny our own self.

what can you be afraid of ceasing ?

all the men are thinking the same thing now

why do you think men marriage they are cold ?

we are freedom lovers.

if your hair is long condescending to the level of your girls what do you think about your manhood ?

The Chair measures the length of the hair with a mentality that the girls are doomed to be abandoned because they have where you can have fun, I think.

do you fear death ?

from the moment people are born begins to die. Every moment I live should I be looking for something.

what do you think about atheists ?

can believe what they want. I think they’re afraid to give an account.

why do you like solitude ?

Because of Solitude means freedom.

what do you guys think hanging it on the site ?

the things of mind in the comfort of the losers.

finally, what is your advice to young people ?

my advice to the men who are. Simple-mindedness and your money to feed the girls. The Drawstring do not be your prisoner. Egos fly that the girls staring at them. Enjoy freedom and reject unnecessary impositions

Thank you again very much rebellious man. The truth will always hit us in the face @SandroSauman


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