The smell of my father the man I love

Yes friends this about 18 years ago, you can let go.18yil when my mom was pregnant with me so I told me my mom yes my mom decided to have the abortion because I had two more brothers before me, but for some reason

anyway, but they didn’t mind because my dad is going to be unaware of why my dad learned this at the last minute.let I was born and yes, I was born to rebel I don’t mean that, but I’m a girl in love with the Father, but he changed his country for 6aylikkrn my father’s work .so the man is the father of a little girl back then 6aylikmisim everyone is in love

when you go out with me after my dad’s plane at the age of 3,4 or something doesn’t come just because I cried doesn’t love yeah, friends first when I saw my father at the age of 17 I knew you would come, but I can’t sleep in the morning coming neyze bell rang 5 times, I’ve seen that guy at the door I’ve been like that my father bilmiyordumki how many pounds how tall he doesn’t like what he likes, what their habits are I didn’t know any of my dad so I expected they’d be crying in the window the morning of the Bayram, I know, but of course never the result of frustration 17yaskma anyway, to our topic now, we are separated again I’m still in love with that guy, but for me the guy phone or something that we’re talking his life for his family I’ve never seen but never looked at us throughout 17sene spent sacrificed your own life, because I love u man me ever since I started using the phone Good morning my love, I love you God my father for me he he bored everyone keep hand on my head, man this guy is kissable no matter the value of nr is so much better and know his father because a father doesn’t sound the most happy man I fell in love with the Guardian I can’t breathe without the smell


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