The Stages Of Women’s Lives After Separation

the separation each person grieves. Ladies are more emotional than men because they are more upset they are. After I left what does it do for women ? The answer to this question.


crying, everyone relaxes. Women-worth and confidence of breakage cries her eyes out on the top.

Chocolate Attacks.

they find all the happiness that anyone can give chocolate. Eat as much chocolate as they can eat. Then I wonder if I’ve gained weight’ morale down to the lowest level they’ll take.

The phone is wrapped.

call your friends tell you what happened, they will. Most of your friends but they can’t say they’re bored they get bored of this situation. It’d be the same conversation every time. I said to him, that’s what she said.

your hair Changes.

Hair model they change. Minor changes they will make them happy.

go on vacation.

with them taking a couple of friends from their age group. Take a vacation to relax, to forget about all of your pain.


after you have decided to take a vacation, they go shopping for the holidays. Already the pain of such a separation, or even while shopping is a pleasure, the pain makes a woman happy on top of a nice shopping.

have fun with your friends.

have fun with your friends begins. Try to put it by having fun every minute of the holiday.


what a woman, no matter forgets. But the pain never.


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