The Story Of Approaching The Light

whether my writing can be like a napkin atmalik eye. Of course, the precious collections of the napkin are cumulative. Anyway, I later parts.

a man I idolize, like walking when it is not I cried. Just a feeling, I could laugh to the fullest. My mascara sourness, it was with sadness beaded jewelry.

again, another I don’t know which word is most befitting. My walls in my heart that I think applies to my life is insurmountable, and the thing called love, you’d despise you. I’m still underestimating love, it’s a whole different story, folks. What I think love under the name of(trace) broken bits of wood, and my soul not to fall into those that are directed at the end of the road, he was reaching the light of love maybe. I love to get the chance this fall.

post? I couldn’t take. Whereas I felt it in my bones happiness. I like feeling it in my bones the feeling of my mistakes in the same post.

longing for the time I melted a huge writhing inside. Melting it was horribly painful. Still I had to solve to achieve my freedom, and pretty, but I solved quite a few. So, this year was the story of the name of the light approaching.

And. I have no regrets. I was flooded by high tides most of the time, keskeydi still doesn’t have my place anymore. I’d give the world so as not to hurt him, that’s different. Had a warm affection, and how upset I would like to make?

the pain in my sleep now get this period from the standpoint Here, but I saw wrong with the awareness that I have more dominant. So, in plain words, the course to be able to take very nice. Really.

The article is approaching the end, with suggestions for life or anything so I don’t think. I don’t want to be like everyone is the same prescription that offer personal development enthusiasts. Because absorbed without easy easy. That mistakes happen, it is necessary to have. Ha maybe you could touch everything, even what I believe the following sentence is a suggestion: “don’t fight with the colors.”

now, if you understand what.

a free spirit.


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