The story of the man and the woman -12-

3 days later

The man, he was wandering aimlessly on a beach hircinlastig of the period of the waves. The weather was still unpleasant, and many people tuzsuz according to the statement, however, unlike everyone else, I was more of a kind this guy in the air. She was glad the air such that when you wake up. For three days, because your brain was to him a gnawing thought not.

his steps slowed as usual in bad weather, which is always empty and sat on the Bank of the sea, the waves gently hitting him in the face. It was one of your favorite smells the smell of the sea. So far the only other fragrance of lavender was the smell that he thought belonged to his mother.

The smell of the sea has never been starved enough to land him on the beach when it was ozlese, but for so many years was longing to smell the scent of lavender. In fact, she had to be hard to find the scent of lavender, but her mother seven years later another woman with her skin and the scent of lavender in the fragrance ozlesen same could take him to those beautiful days.

the dream came to mind after the last place he saw his mother in front of the house they were in was wrapped tightly like a mother to him like you’ll ever see again on that day. The car looked like that day riding with her father in the same loving him without saying anything with her eyes. Perhaps she had dreamed this scene for many years, but never in her dream she hadn’t seen.

the dreams our memories in a book I had read where they’re hiding. Finds us again and our dreams and our memories, all our moments will happen or has happened that we see in our dreams.

this promise was true Maybe maybe not. However, instead of looking at him with loving eyes as his mother said these words to him in a dream.

to leave the past behind because the past lived for this day and tomorrow my son is attached to squander. Because life is short, life goes everyone is happy while you’re fighting your unhappiness.

The man thought the whining I’ve had to fight my unhappiness with them really, except for a little bit ever thought of what he did, but nothing had come to mind. With some embarrassment, proposed, teasing her with him after her high school life a nightmare because it was always like the books more than anyone had spilled was opened

then College started, and sat in a quiet corner and had entered into the life of a girl after she was involved with anyone. What would he want with a girl that attractive was nice. But the girl assured him and love Him in pure love starved heart had tied him. Nice gifts the girl he wanted, the guy bought it without even thinking about it. Do you want to go to a concert of his favorite artist girl guy if it finds a ticket on the Black Market they went. I showed her a dress that he liked the girl the girl while visiting the stores, it takes a special day to wait to surprise the man would make the girl happy.

because he did everything in his power to make her happy, I was very happy to see the man I love happy. I finally decided this girl had been sure that she was the girl that would spend the rest of her life. Go to the jewelry store he bought the guy a ring and the most beautiful Solitaire ring at the jewelry store took the risk to choose to remain for hours. Then worked for days to prepare a surprise for the girl he loves to eat and they are always happy with the help of the owner of the place had prepared for that special night at the top of the place. The ambiance violinists was ready. and of course red wine. Oops the girl when he brought her there, my love, you’re so romantic, ” then was wrapped around him.

hug the guy even more encouraged This guy to dinner in the middle of dinner had begun to perform surprise the man made the move. Violinist and fiddler sly gave a sign of love before the song ‘if we leave we die’ song started playing. He stood up and then he goes to the girl, and then lifts him up to his feet I grabbed his hand and soyleyivermis those magic words.

a life do you want to be with me, Darling?

will you marry me ?

The reaction of the girl behaved in a manner very surprised a laugh then took a sip of wine and then threw in the chalice after these words the man said.

‘You’re a sweet guy, you’re fine, but what I’m fond of my freedom I’m too young to get married, we were just hanging out. Before you set dreams like this,you’d asked me about my future plans, my dear, so we were together, we laughed, because we’ve had fun, I don’t have to be with you for a lifetime, do you? I’m sorry, but I can’t marry you, someone else gave the same answer again. Because I’m young, I have a nice day to live.You lost me with this show of sensuality. However, what a sweet man you were, I’m going anyway I don’t intend to ruin my night.

said after I took her bag and left it there. The man there was left in the courtyard of a mosque he was on his knees forlorn, like a child. It was the worst moment in life, I love you used the word is simply a woman or a man. So, to achieve some of the wishes I love you using the word situation was despicable.

he never knew how she stays that way then hands the man took the wine and was currently sitting on the bench he came to, what a painful situation it was to cry not to cry himself, until the morning it was at that moment sat on the bench. The tart flavor of the wine until the morning with the smell of sea in between.

those days we had met with from uncle the man sitting next to a wino drinking wine and the occasional extended himself, he had no mention came near, the man without question he drank of the wine, and the man said these words when he left her.

‘when you bury yourself so deep, no one will ever leave you again my son will not make. Forget about whatever happened that night, move on with your life ‘

damn that guy could not move on with his life I most deeply buried himself deeper. First scorned, abandoned like he’s the only guy like that. Then he had lost his family at an unexpected time. He shuddered and then losing her in the name of your brother, however, he took his brother by fate and life’s a bastard blade.

that pushed him deeper in her dark and evil days writings who drinks and companionship. Goes into writing pages and pages while sipping wine in the middle of the night she used to swear to the future rather than the past they always just. Every day, over and over.

what was it actually lose…

what would be felt when you lose people.

your favorite toy as a child he lost

be sure to replace.

broken had a note at the school in a course for example, if

could do more work and make up for it

he loved the girl he had broken up from him

someone who loves you more surely pulled out.

however, the lost of the parents place

who is a more how and in what way

enough to keep their place

he could love her.

really, what’s to lose, said the man, he lost everything in this life you need to lose, actually. Lost his family, and re-she lost faith that things will be better, a woman that would love Him again, he lost his belief. , To give up everything to face at a time, just like her mom is the woman who is beautiful to the eyes and smells.

never expected that life had passed out in front of your eyes in the night where you can’t buy taste, her face is so innocent when she got on his lap I didn’t realize that. Subsequent events there was an attraction but never hit anyone before the woman realised that it didn’t. Like there was an unspoken bond between them.

but the man he touched a hand on your shoulder in order that both of them were cowards and unstable. Faced wino uncle smiling at him when he turned his head he saw many times before.

‘no, son, he to spill into the sea again? You need to think you to decide otherwise?’

at these words the man shook off his shoulders, ‘Actually decides to do I don’t know what uncle do you have any wine?’

on these words the old man sat next to him.

‘I’ve known you a long time, boy. I’ve never seen such a smile in his eyes and never. So I don’t need wine. The smile in his eyes you re-gift I would recommend to go to him, whoever ‘

at these words the man stood

‘uncle, I think you’re right I need to do this now without fear’, saying after the phone is released.

‘when you are available tomorrow I would like to have a coffee with you at a corner cafe on the beach’ Then clicked on the link to the guide ‘that smells of the lavender woman’ a message is sent to the named person.

on the beach with a smile then started walking.

he didn’t remember himself when was the last time you smile.

will continue.

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