The story of the man and woman -19-

Avsa 2 days later

I’m chasing somebody who doesn’t want me, never too arrogant for someone who says he told the girl the woman output. The ferry port was about to approach. I didn’t realize how the last two days have passed. Actually struggled so much to come here himself, maybe he didn’t want to resent the guy he doesn’t like you. Maybe someone else close to you because he felt sorry for you just because you have acted, you took a different meaning.

suddenly she screamed enough for a month.

they looked at the people around him strangely. The elders shook their heads, while young people laughed at this situation. Picked up her suitcase, and walked with rapid steps. See you when we land from the ferry, jumped head first into the cab.

the cab driver turned to him with a smile

‘ma’am welcome to our island. Where do you want me to take you?

with these words, the woman smiled with a blank expression. The man actually had in hand the address of the hotel where she was staying. How would you like to go there thought for a moment. Then he handed the paper

‘I want to go to this hotel I hope I can find somewhere.’

the taxi driver smiled when he saw the address

‘my friend’s place the owner of the hotel, or even we can solve the problem. I guess this is your first visit to our island.’

The woman nodded as to say yes, then fell silent. His head was turned and people are starting to stare. There was a strange fear inside. When the man saw him, if it gives a bad reaction against the faith, men of courage all would be over. Sorry you came to the cabbie as he was about to ask when the next ferry that had been stopped the car.

‘ma’am that you provide the hotel’s address’

for a moment the woman not to go remained undecided. Honestly, what were they meet by chance in the same hotel, or go to another hotel and that would be how to follow him. What will be will be said.

‘Thank you for bringing. How much do I owe’

taxi driver

‘thirty-five pounds, sir, I hope you will enjoy your stay in our island and you will leave happy.’

The woman smiled at these words, Yes I hope, I’ll be happy, he thought. Picked up his suitcase and walked into the hotel. The receptionist greeted him with a smile.

‘welcome to our hotel, ma’am.’

The Woman

‘Thank you, I hope you have an empty room.’

The receptionist

‘our island is not very crowded at this time of the season, Yes we have a vacancy in our hotel if you are thinking of becoming a guest for a few days, ma’am.

The woman thought for a moment how you answer this question

‘I plan to spend the weekend here, I think I’m going to stay two nights.’

The receptionist

‘then I give you which is appropriate for room 105. You’ll be the only one, right?

The Woman

‘Yes, I came to rest his head. If you’re done with your questions I guess I could go to my room.’

The receptionist

‘of course, colleague will accompany you to your room here.’

The Woman

‘no need I’ll find my way if I get a key.

The receptionist

‘of course, here three times, I hope you enjoy your stay with our hotel’

The woman she took her key card and left me there, very curious what people that will be there won’t be the only one I guess that would be if I were someone on my side, isn’t it stupid what he said. He took the elevator and pressed the button.

with a slow jolt, the elevator started to go up. Hopefully if that happens I don’t know what to say he bit my predicament. The elevator came to the third floor again when it stopped with a jolt. The woman picked up her suitcase and began to move out of the elevator room after being hit in the eye 100. Finally had found the room.

a door had opened, he had a card. Finally at peace I felt safe in a room although it is not said. She closed the door and locked it, then stepped into the shower, the water flow stopped himself. Flowing from him relieved of body of water. IT Stayed that way for a while, got out of the shower, dressed in his pajamas.

for some reason he did not want to go out. Wanted to forget why you came here and sleep. Lay down on the bed, he closed his eyes, sleep and wanted to forget everything. When you wake up, rid themselves of fear.

The man when he opened his eyes, the sun hit his face. Somewhere that the sun hits your face while he was passed out, it was the most fun was warming up to the temperature. Gerinere straightened to the sight of children who had fun at the beach made him smile.

a child would come here as a family. On the beach the day he ran with his brother came to mind. Don’t get too tired for ordinary sister was slow to get then back on gets me too, and they would run together into the sea he notice his mother yelled from behind. Now I’m all alone no one was saying, sighed, got up, his head was still spinning. However, it wasn’t that it couldn’t work.

very slowly started walking towards the hotel. As a result of red light at a crosswalk in that order from the front, he would wait in the back seat of a taxi and the car passed, the woman looked a lot like what happened to that woman.

I pulled his ear, saying it can be still unconscious, but the ears hurt. Maybe they were similar to people who could have been mistaken, after all continued to walk. Before I came here the last time she had seen her grandfather. At that time, thinking of their conversation, his grandfather said to him.

‘that girl seemed like a nice guy like before they came. I knew that they just had brought to me to paint eye. Be different this time and don’t walk away from her. You can’t stay alone forever.’ The idea of staying alone forever is not a bad idea, huh, huh, grandpa was answered.

sometimes he was afraid of dying alone. How loneliness, he also needed a breath sometimes, but so vulnerable to a sense of confidence.

take two bottles of wine from her lady’s head, entering the hotel door I thought would allow me to go on sober. Would beg me asking me to please love’s a shame, go to the door and begging someone to love me I can’t do ego ceiling. That’s not possible he said to himself.Resides on this island always shop for groceries, a liquor store, went inside.

the shopkeeper with a smile to see him began to talk. I couldn’t see you around here for a long time. Recently came they told me I didn’t believe it’s true. The man smiled at these words, you happen to forget the guy that drank together until dawn it was possible

‘I don’t have much taste sorry not been here for a week, Big Brother. Much I’m flying solo. Would you give me two bottles of the usual?’

to this request, the owner smiled,


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