The Type Of Girl That Attracts The Men

I’m going to talk about a few types, according to my own pleasure. I trust my pleasure ha 🙂

let’s do it!

1 – 7.92 mm bullet like a Gaze, a piercing gaze with the girls-waiting for you to blow up like C4 except for the makeup.

2 – see the movements, la? spring girls 🙂

3 – playing a musical instrument girls! Dude I’m going crazy look at you!

4 – Usually the girls draws our attention to the death from scary ^_^ (at least my)

5 – I couldn’t find a thing to say to them, but the appeal 🙂

6 – Crack-class! I can get one of these 🙂

7 – a different creature in anger they turn into monsters ^_^

8 – sweetness of moving each point a separate ones, in my opinion of course 🙂

9 – greed, anger and seriousness missing inte tears spilled out. (I have a picture exactly the way I look at those girls after having the flu)

when you see a girl like this, my look is this happening to me personally, and I have respect and admiration.

10 We like tough girls, like a girl like a warrior when it comes to when it’s appropriate place

Yes, I wrote the girls so much. It’s all a lie, actually. You’re just the one that you need to do. Doesn’t have these features.

both girls and men you you otherwise, instead of your real self, your real character falls in love with. If you act as a phony. Eventually you are alone with whiskey and tears. According to me.

all you need to do You stands by your side,

after you left, against the dit come like this,

find someone to fight for you this way!

Actually, you don’t need to annoy myself because I’m not. Pay attention to your surroundings, you can get yourself an avatar 🙂 all you have to do is to be yourself. They do not act like other girls are after him.

Thank you for reading


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