The Types Of Friends Every Man That Has

good family Kids

they are very thick.They listen to stories, laugh with you, stuck up they go.Drink-cigarettes don’t use.PC games are only harmful habits, and usually has a particular passion that you have to keep the conversation open.

But do not perturb the environment.Tires of you.As you say they are reliable in all conditions and gives you peace of assets to say thanks.


good parents want their children seen better days.From efendilik again it wouldn’t budge, but a little more active.

probably long or pus.

friends Playboy

most of the group the good-looking ones are usually the ones.A sports fan, but not a fanatic, knows the games, but he can’t play football, but the field is not indispensable. Has to say on every subject, but always there is a sense of pints.

-, is reflected in their love lives.The most beautiful thing, doing what the girl is explaining what it consists of.


in the phone book is one of the few men with an equal number of both boys and girls.Anyone to be a priest are the main principles.Always friendly and cheerful and creates a positive energy in their environment.

Next, it is likely that you’ll meet your lover thanks to this man.

astroturf Crew

they left the message on your phone is short and clear:

-Saturday 9-10

you won’t see anywhere else outside of that one hour period.

The friend who holds the note

asd high school kid knows

this friend is one of the most functional 3.5 on the end on know.Wins the hearts of both course grades and friends.

ismarlana something in the canteen.Barcelona playing PlayStation to elect in the grace you with peace of mind.Lighting a cigar when the lighter is held.

you go girl, we let her eat is called the gauntlet from his brother.

friends fanatic

if your emotional beşiktaş, G. if it should is arrogant, if a little annoying Fenerbahçe’s potential to be high.

I don’t understand why this is happening.

if quaresma Besiktas soccer shirt wears (still), Fenerbahce’s Alex, Drogba G. If.

when the team lost to Derby won’t come to school or a meeting.

Buddy Friends

you can be comfortably in your hand most intimate friends.1, maybe 2.If it pops open in which the subject up, I don’t talk.You feel like you’re almost talking to yourself.

you’d think it’s the same thing because they are flying aynen.Each topic in your most private fantasies just friend that knows.

friends are Annoying

aka “ass friends”.You have to present it in the same environment with often involuntary.Otherwise, what would in your life.

know best(!)


with the complex ones are the type that wants to go to sea.Released with baklava at the beach while you’re innocently sitting in your corner like small sugar emrah envious glances you assign.

not, of course, that athlete because you are my friends so jealous of you (=

ahaha you can try fat potatoes.


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