The way to wait for the soldier girls

her boyfriend is in the military, always upside down to get a feel of here before you send employees to the people who-like me – this is what I am going to write. someone else he won’t read it:p. (definitely long-term service covers.)
If Eve was the first military(US 1 year ago), you know, if your mouth always was certain that the military will go to the city, the city that extensive research is initiated. I’ll say that if you went to Boot Camp don’t worry if a city seem much, definitely don’t worry even. (I’ll tell you why in a minute.) hang around here and really a recommendation for people waiting for a moment of what fortune awaits. in this sensitive period made comments without knowing how it will affect the life of a girl cliche, for sure, a cheater girl, for sure , varies a lot when the boy, separated by a definite integral or you are out of marriage and he definitely diyemiyce you definitely. everyone knows the relationship. I love wishy-washy I’m not even a lifetime if you say you expect to be. one of your eyes even without sliding the opposite sex. integral diyemiyce is yet to come because when it comes to my darling. but yes it is changing, it’s definitely a change in endpoint change you can’t believe it, but you do not walk away from, on the contrary, this is exactly for the days you need to support today and always. and I must say, okay, this guy I will marry, or if you do not say if you love and committed your mental health recommendation. first of all, you constantly hear the other party while trying to learn something it 2 times. cheat? well, he says. if you want to get you confidence. can’t hear such things from so close. at this stage, you must keep your cool and talk some sense into him. the word never never 2 years of separation between us. come with me and my boyfriend alone in my head for the first time the military should I go? she said I got mad, of course. I cost. but let me tell you your biggest key during this period, patience. we made it through that period. will leave for sure for a while I said, I didn’t look into my eyes and said I will marry you but before I go departure, two events that of course have a few more months. anyway, after the period expires before the soldier. first, no matter how much you prepare yourself you’re realizing that would go a week in advance. it’s hitting us. go L*N pretty you say. Yes, starting at that moment the army. not only are you going? you’re in the military you now. We, for example, gecirmemisiz a day for 2.5 years without talking. there is no one in my circle. it’s cliche, but seriously, my darling friend, my brother, my father. she’s my best friend. earlier that day we were together and gone or the evening I went with my own cousin. she called her sister. how good people went into the military for Dec if you need anything, I said your brother is looking for me. I’ll call when I’m really very lucky in that aspect bunalsam, I’ll go. brother-in-law the same way. incidentally, if you have the opportunity to let me tell his sister in with her brother with a cousin or whatever it is I don’t know what to talk to talk. our very different environment, for example. trying to cheer up everyone around me and nobody understands. but moments leading to a love of his family, they, too, misses him. sounds definitely good to spend time with them. anyway, where were we. my cousin came home in the evening. look, look, here to watch. fall into the gap first. the first is cost. in hand out of the car, the phone goes. I came home to find a message of love to throw my. full hand inside the pocket when it is recognised. at that moment the status of a soldier’s girlfriend can be described briefly. I realized I fell into a well from a place like I cost. now that I’m alone I said: “I’m left like an orphan. the disposal of the shock from the life of Good morning and good night messages are removed. quantity of abundant solitude, patience comes the sound of a phone ringing. yeah, my phone is always silent, his voice I didn’t know. no longer 1 km. from what I hear. passing at the speed of the plane from a place with no cell reception is so good that it was during this period of the job. your day is going bad. you hear a call. OK. a missed call comes life. so it’s mood to see if he saw missed calls on the phone the phone is released in the military TAF. speaking of the phone, I’m sorry, but we thought once already mesajlasiri suspend the master to a crisp. I don’t know her boyfriend in the army who may be in WhatsApp every minute, but the place barely very important phone call. consider this possibility if like me you don’t want to be a big disappointment I’d say. anyway on your phone for 1 second you don’t quit. if you had to leave already 2 minutes, in 2 minutes you can call to make sure you use. you can stay with the missed call. act silly when called. my boyfriend, he hasn’t done so, but what is written here, it is true that they have told. your lover is connected. it’s so different. it’s a completely different psychology. so tired looking for you because I heard a voice, for example. cannot open. in that respect is much worse. may say bad things, you can’t get angry at shit. what was our key is patience. OK, my love, yes my love, you’re right, my love when you say ” try to be convincing. when it’s appropriate, of course, but I miss all the time, don’t come nag you. do not go to Tumblr tumblr literature, write there. he is not on vacation so missed, I suppose, will come. in the Aegean we heard when we made camp in a place that makes you say Oh that’s good. but nothing like that. it’s not good. the stove is the same as every soldier. here we met some more bad just in the Union master(wait, are we there yet soyliyceemmm) distracted by distracted cries. permission dawn distribution count. that are moving around far away from everyone. the rule , as much as you like you must be good enough to pick up someone’s spirits when the phone rang. here is my uyuma I crying, waking up screaming when I say depression was a full 1 month. 10 days left for deployment. Ramadan is coming like 1 week ago I like how silly I thought that I overdid I’m not. in the meantime, I keep a diary. in the early days, Band-Aid, it was almost. I didn’t tell him, whatever I write, I write. now, I’m writing much more sparse, not every day, of course. for the moment, can I give my girlfriend when it comes to the military like my friend everyday but I don’t know, don’t know. the oath-taking ceremony, unfortunately I couldn’t go, but definitely go if you have the opportunity. after the ceremony, especially if the Recruit will continue to for a while. so the moral is, especially unannounced go to. if you have the opportunity to disappear with his family to go it alone, use it without thinking. when you go from beginner when it comes to deploying to meet that you see the ‘thing’ I could see your ass till you’re out of the woods with your girlfriend, Yes you don’t need to poke with a stick remote. even though that are unrecognizable. like you want a hug, pull the smell. when you begin to talk, how you say there was a LAN place. I miss to push on the carpet, he said. you will listen to the memory of many soldiers already fresh. but you already know that it’s not important that you listen for hours. they are stories that are guaranteed to say wow. oh, by the way, I heard a phone while in Boot Camp I wasn’t sure a city is brand new and even before his name entered our lives. Yes, sir, I was going to send out my girlfriend to the eastern border. I sent it in. went out here and keep a Recruit, he made here his uncle, his grandfather here, No sir worth of grandmother’s gone here in the country, don’t get up there. then even the novice computer environment from her own town, so completely are out of luck. of course we also have 0 luck. but I don’t know if that’s a coincidence when you went to a nice place around me was a bad place to Recruit. anyway, here’s what I’ve written on average every soldier the way the girl waiting covers. long term, short term, East, West. but after that mission, so the border is something else. once a zero for the border Outpost. first, I go to AA sometimes I’ll surprise my girlfriend ihihih or visit uhuhuh goes along with the thought of ho-ho-ho enthusiasm. if you want to go. you swear they’ll get called smuggler. first there is the fact that I just suffer. conflict call the day of your girlfriend’s, bomb, nerve you find when you turn on the news yourself. there’s more than that angle. there’s nothing that you said anyway I’ll see something in the news. or an operation, a bomb, a dominant. what’s going on in a moment L*N where Turkey 2015 years say. unless you call your girlfriend up and tells them. that’s the most patience and you must support it at this time. what they can’t support, though you’ll say. but I believe that he’s good enough for the uproar to hear your voice. the night I was awakened by the sound of the bomb, we’ve been sleeping for 3 hours now, like he or you’re staying like that. you cannot kondurama I still love you is a bad thing. you know call if not today then tomorrow. looking for. 3-4 times a novice in psychology Bad, of course(like I said, they are valid for borders) on the market, no phones, no sleep, there’s no stress, 12 hour shifts. I hope you safely receive the bill, you get. We, of course,. just to sum up. our number one rule is patience, lots of patience, always patience. note that there are times where you live your lives. and all when this is all over, everything will be fine.


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