The World’s Richest Animals

first, let me introduce Karl Lagerfeld’s famous cat in the last days. 🙂

Siamese cat Choupette, sticky sticky overlooking blue eyes along with a multi-million dollar he’s worth. Made millions by taking place in only 2 ads for the past year. Vauxhall Corsa cars in the calendar in Germany, Japan cosmetics brand Shu choupette uemur involved in advertising, these ads 3.22 2 million dollars (approximately 8 million 300 thousand TL) won.

a Maltese Terrier named Bella Mia, the owner, after the death of rose Ann bolasny £ 1 million worth (about 3 million 800 thousand TL) will have a heritage. Working as an accountant in New York 60-year-old Bolasny, your pet dog said to him, “gift of God” thinks. So his own life after losing your dog says he wants to still live in luxury.

style filet Mignon for dinner every Dog eats cooked meat. A double bed and the dog with many jewels, jewelry inherit it that much more. In addition to these, with a Trust Fund of £ 1 million (approximately 3 million 800 thousand try) the owner of a house will be worth.

bolasny of 32 and 38-year-old sons, all Heritage dog that will stay “extremely happy” they say.

it must be my favorite cat. 🙂

one of the internet’s most famous cats, ‘Grumpy Cat’ (Grumpy Cat) grumpy innate has a face. Unhappy and Grumpy Cat judging everyone by tossing glances around recognized in 2 years, and $ 100 million (approximately 257 million) won.

anyway on Pets, a rooster named rooster… the really interesting thing of Gigolo to be a billionaire without knowing it, 6 million pounds (about 23 million) have a bank account. Gigoo owner miles Blackwell, Blackwell he was the owner of the UK’s largest publishers. Blackwell’s wife was diagnosed with a rare allergy to the chemical in 2002, and after a short while the unfortunate woman, died at the age of 46. After 3 weeks from the event, Miles Blackwell also lost his life, was left a portion of his estate to the foundation involved with music and art. The existence of a part of couples without children, inherited gigoo his cock. a

a black cat named blackie of the value of 15 million pounds (about 57.5 million if). The world’s richest cat, Blackie, owner of rea’s death, became the owner of the inheritance. Rea’s relatives had taken no share in the inheritance.

arguably the biggest name in pop music, Michael Jackson’s pet chimp in the world, was one of his favorite assets. In 1988, Jeff Koons is a famous artist named Jackson and bubbles porcelain sculpture depicting 3 made. Banality (Subscription) named in the exhibition of the sculptures of the time, the money in $ 250 thousand (approximately 641 thousand TL) was sold to.

kalu Congolese chimpanzee of 40 million pounds (about 153 million), it is believed that it has a value. ‘American movie actress was Patricia O’Neill’s beloved pet. O’Neill after his death, remained to kalu the presence of the player.


we haven’t forgotten how much net cikmasa Charlie. (:


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