The younger brother in the house of peace, happiness and mischief

dear ones, this you take the example of my own family, my little brothers and 3 of their shenanigans that they have behaved mad at them I’ll hit them with an instant border, we even give you a place to

Ali is 4 years old
3-year-old Hasan
Hussain 1 year old now, their ages, and they can be funny sometimes I bahsedice smart, but they’re not really that note, I would like to mention the analogy in the presentation of the story names the merrier, and the kids are the same age fooling around me what happened

I do not have any problem hasani should let me play with him bite, but he bites if I don’t cry when I don’t know why I left teeth marks in the bit place kabarsa doesn’t cry, but bite me bite me bite through my cheek all up in lost teeth, unless you shout

I’ll start from when I go to the bathroom Hasan 3 year old comes behind me ee EE ” call he poops, but nobody makes beat my mom she’s under to understand what he says, but the result is ultimately the same child 🙂

forget to lock the door turn on the water immediately runs off out of the bathroom plays with herself and the water that wets it’s so late we realize we are doing so he’s busy with Television or telephone, and all that is wasted in the garbage, but Hassan sees it as a game of it

Hassan and his mischief for his age, and tan give an example I want to close the thread

Hasan cried my goodness, how much stubborn to go back there and shut up if you’re a girl dumps water water water icce want a sofa bed, but Sofa bed that just dumps water on the carpet 🙂

In addition to the great understanding that is Ali we say and we will understand easily what he says 🙂 Now 4 years old, I wanted to share a little about Ali being drawback expense of our elders, our mother call you or you purposely distributes it makes folding clothes a toy to play I don’t know, my mom saw him (when he plays in the same room with Hasan Ali )
Ali who made them !? Asan Ali Hasan’s answer is who says did angry

Yeah I’m continuing with the scholar, or a step mom my mom me come back to a bigger place we are called to go out how like tired want to rest for 1 hour 5 min no immediate income goal that I support her mother sits next to her brother’s, or jumps in your lap 🙂

finally, I’ll close with a short note about a new mischief by Hussein Hussein because he couldn’t pay attention around you to the retirees at the dinner table or on the floor if you have a bottle of coke a coke coke or a coke, ruin the carpet is easy to go to her in the bottle or poured the syrup reduces is in his hands

we stay nice benchmade hope to see you later 🙂


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