Their Origin, According To Turkish Men

1 – Balkan immigrant Men

this they usually stand out with the most handsome guys he is very fond to be body and Physics 🙂

my advice: it should be noted that the Albanian ones of these men are stubborn 🙂 Bulgarian ones also should be considered in terms of sexuality

2 – Arab men

delete the profile in your head the pious so that they are quite modern Arab Arabs did love the Browns because their skin darker shades of brown and most are not truly connecting to the face

my advice: Arabs are not like normal 🙂 it should be noted that if you know what I mean 🙂

3 – Zaza Men

the other Eastern peoples, according to these men seek love of the eye is higher than the colored ones are not dangerous

my advice: Zaza, mother-in-law dayanabilirmi you to stop and think about it :Dd since it is an easy language Zaza, I know that you can eat 10 words per second from my mother :Dd

4 Turkish men

even though it has been criticised by Turkish girl, Turkish men abnormally foreign girls they love it :d he’s also incredibly handsome, handsome Turkish men 🙂

5 – Caucasian men

The men look tough, although I need to explore the sweet side :d brown showed similarity only to the Russians in the Caucasus, they are not the majority of Caucasian men who are of Turkish origin

6 – Wolf Men

they come to our mind immediately eserlik of the wolf man with stubble and very handsome ones Latins there’s a resemblance 🙂 But as tradition and culture are you ready stop and think about it 😀

wanted to write more, but thank you to the members who let me use their photos out of the site photo @Selma and we have prepared 🙂

Note : the photo of the Arab man was taken from the internet


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