This amazing information you’ve heard.

In my spare time to do research on the computer and from here the idea-another fun for me to exchange opinions. So I got the urge to share what I know with this interesting information while reading all the information you will learn with surprise that you will enjoy in sizlere I wanted to offer.

if this sounds the first tear from happiness than her right eye, the left eye of Sorrows our network than if we’re a bunch of sounds. interesting 🙂

fall in love at first sight and married couples, 75% of it was to continue smoothly, I was surprised. 🙂

only the most recent one twos off from when Buddha stayed in a bunch of grapes, it was a miracle from Allah. 🙂

all the stars in the sky was more than a grain of sand on beaches all over the world. 🙂

the air out of our mouths when you cough, it’s close to the speed of 100 km 🙂

we laugh at people Nov 43 to 14 Nov gerektirirm we were pouting movement. 🙂

we humans, throughout our lives We’re dead skin shedding 20 pounds. a

A Male baby cries in the womb pregnant.

in the value of electricity in the human body with a normal 25 W dklarca you could burn a lightbulb. a

one of our hair has the flexibility to lift a weight of 3 pounds. amazing. 🙂

I hope everyone reads the publications management bencei amazement amazement learns there’s more to it than Ks, these are just a few. 🙂


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