This Is Our Story Of Our Separation..

Full . this site started days ago is our story. When we have such a thought ever.

I gave her a Hello message was the beginning of everything.

The question was answered I asked 🙂 I said Hello. Me replied with a very warm welcome. So we started to talk. As soon as he asked I answered, as soon as I asked. We were talking about but my stance is “trust no one, girl salma to yourself” stance. After a day I look at a speech that will not continue.

In the morning when I woke I had felt in a long time there was a peace inside of me.

Good morning I woke up with a message, and actually I didn’t take it very seriously, I think he was turning this conversation into a friendship. I didn’t stop myself and I left to just go with the flow. I was really happy.

Here we started to talk and continued eklesere Facebook, photo uploads, etc.

I think we really know each other, we were.

our blind so we could meet I was kidding.

we talked every hour of the day, the conversation we had at the time is so short. We’d always make each other happy and each other, Yes we were happy.

Of course, everything wasn’t perfect.

very little left and in that time I think we made each other pretty yiprattik.

she wasn’t a very jealous person That if I had me a full cracks. But he seemed to like that, such feelings will live for the first time, he said.

sometimes, at that time I would have the brakes myself over the top to make me jealous do I would have done something to my head sicrardi sure the blood stops, then I would want to live that feeling, because it was my pleasure. Subsequently jealousy about me down there 🙂

wanted to share a song Here, a little tells us.

anyway, of course, had known all this before issues come up. The parents had to meet, we were thinking very seriously, of course we before we were supposed to meet 🙂 it was like a dream with him for the last time.

We fell in love.

face-to-face with the people that have seen you hold your hand Yes you can you be in love. I wouldn’t have believed it. I loved, loved, and we expected to spend a lifetime together.

then trust into the issues, the trials started.

I made a mistake and I lost it.

getting boring anyway, I think it was a big deal for him, he was right.

the last word I don’t want anymore! has happened. Our love for this site starting ended.

We fondly and we left .

one day, somewhere, hoping to meet again .

and finally, our song, our place I’m giving. You like it 🙂

if you read it you’ll understand, maybe for you is written.

I love you and I know you love me ∞

CEM Thank you for reading.


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