This summer we say good bye armpit stains with…

fresh’n soft from Turkey brand new product at the forefront of innovation…more

fresh’n soft wet wipes of the pioneers of the industry the new product, fresh and dry sweat-absorbent in the scorching heat of the summer the leaves will be the biggest Savior…

to prevent the bad image produced from sweating, this product was produced in accordance with practical use of both men and women.

sweat-absorbent leaves under the arms, and by creating a barrier between the outfit soft and comfortable, fresh and clean allows you to spend a day. Is not felt due to the thin structure, the anatomical shape according to the body structure. Sweat-absorbent particles Super absorbent leaves absorb sweat, the sweat under the arms to lock in moisture, thus the feeling of wetness on your arm, the smell of sweat and prevents the wet image. Because there is a feeling of wetness at the same time feels more comfortable in the social environment yourself more comfortable and clean you can get. Individuals considering freshvedry allergic disorders and is odorless. Another advantage is that you use underarm deodorant that is also unscented or can be mixed with the smell of your perfume.

binary for daily use bags is sufficient. Freshvedry leaf in each package enough to last you a week available.


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