hoo bubbles again and again. For now I think I’m going to share with you that I like you should soverm I don’t know about you, but maybe you’ll laugh -_- anyway I’m starting you read.
note: in parentheses, the writing belongs to me.
* The woman who has the longest beard and mustache. (I looked at. I couldn’t look at rather. It’s a jungle in e gardas what I state here.)

this look at Is this.

these alternative.
* multiple tattoos on the back containing the Dutch ( usic faces they get to do Soon :D)

* Gary Stretch the skin of the body forward by taking the British broke the world record. (pity it’s up to the bone in a leather one.)

* hanging on the back with a hook Helmurto Hannibal 4-ton truck pulled 91 yards. (4 tonlug 91 yards I crossed my skin it’s probably steel pipe !11!)

* the sword in the show he did in Sydney was 18, she swallowed it all and each to 72 cm. (hohoho bread we swallow when the throat swallowed the sword of the man we are staying or we’ve passed it OK how to get out of La 18 ? :D)

* broke a record by holding the world’s largest Scorpion in the mouth for 20 seconds. (you can guess how dangerous is nnn.)

* mouth Jackie bibby of bibby last year in the number 11 holding a snake, the snake in the mouth of a television program is held for 10 seconds. ( Allah best hit :DD)

* by 17 cm wide at the mouth opening can open up the guy that broke the world record. (we fast junk food we eat coming from our mother, we’re running out of the guy mouth no problem anymore :D)

IF approved, to be continued a good day if I wish.


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