Those who do not believe in the existence of 3 letters long are not included in the requirements for reading only because I’ve had I’ve seen I’m not on duty.

Hello friends inanmadiklarida you’re reading who do not believe in the existence of elves.because I will tell you my experiences also, this is where I live and the house we live because you can acquire information from the neighbors it was

at that time, in the event that was 10-11 years ago when I was 7-8 years old, ist/bahçelievler in my father buy a house, they’ve got a big house with my mom, but whatever are surprised the price is cheaper, these house painting the master painter at that time I decided I’m staying with my grandfather hired my dad gives the key to 4 ends when 6 in the evening because I told my dad it ends up disagreeing, he told masters to stay in a hotel, they drove to the hotel my mom by saying okay. Meanwhile, the house across from my dad’s friend, my dad what they were he said he would call to his friend to painters so anyway, the clock is ticking night around 11-12 my dad’s friend attacking the phone, Sir, my father says , My Father says you evdem ? My dad said the guy said he would have no turning father biseym candles in your home I surprised he didn’t know what to say mention it in case it was dawn they sleep gevelemis painter, and the painter just called, saying You were told you guys there around 11-12 my dad, the guy we went with like 6 friends and we dated kitledik brother slam the door and there was nobody there to certify stuff till 2 days later said I thoroughly doubt fallen on ours since I came on the subject was told to choose the room to the right of my office door, I was in the middle of the door there’s better choice of course in the meantime, it’s been 1 week and the house we’re used to .

the same hour that he took to school with my father at my mom’s then I’d be alone in that big house alone anyway I went to school with my dad tonight on the way to our shop soon ugri I thought I’d open the door and we froze the time and my mother came home we’d be crying there, we Of course we were scared because what was inside he heard noises from the hall 1-2 hours before cooking, while in the middle of a white dove flew from someone who’s seen it we didn’t believe we lost of course, no hallucination you’d seen it, he heard the voice frightened him but excited she was with us took her to the hospital, the doctor for some medicine, he said, was a little relief. babamis to school tomorrow the same way she called my mom my dad my mother in the house alone again in school again, this time something that happened earlier at this time translated the key from the outside one of the doors locked in the bathroom 15 minutes later, barely back home from school after he got out quickly just closed the bathroom door cried again her face she was distraught, are you okay I asked the woman I don’t know, something my mother said after I said what you see here with anything you said babamida hiphizli door is closed the only door has been locked, called, of course, my father before him he gecistirmis schizophrenic to the hospital if you keep this up we’re going to get, ” said my mother started praying that prayer 3-4 days then I flew past 2 He said he saw the Dove quiet in the hall, my dad is a mad house she didn’t like thinking that I was beaten by my mother. I mean of course I’m scared, too, the voices slamming the door I’m pretty impressed with the quilt at night, I’d sweat like touching someone I have a feeling that I’d like to kaynarca


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