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Yes. We haven’t seen it at least ten times him one of us? Which one of us memorizing the scene of each? That impact has made a place in our hearts and in our lives. The movie Titanic masterpiece in the history of cinema, which is one of the most resounding I’m talking about.

in 1912, the RMS Titanic real name, a real tragedy had occurred when the British passenger ship that sank in the North Atlantic was written based on, and adapted into a film by famous director James Cameron had given place to a feeling which many in this film: Love, the gap between wealth and poverty, compassion.

published in the first years before the beginning of most love which is the reason this film broke the record for grossing at the box office, but also unpretentious and extremely young players of the period, with worldwide fame Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are also folded.

what is a love that begins aboard the Titanic, and the ship that was buried in the waters of the North Atlantic from the end of a movie about how the movie would have been toward the beginning were seyretsey? Highly from it a lot of fun, some fantastic, but too boombastic is a movie I must say. All together let’s now look towards the beginning from the end of Titanic. Get the popcorn ready, the movie!

1 – the bottom of the ocean with the air of a man from Superman with his fist in the air, take off towards the surface.
tarhana soup is too cold, icy and warm water towards the surface from under the ocean who needs to Jack his fist in the air just like Superman becomes.

2 – jack tries to figure out up to the surface.
Jack desperately clings to the door as soon as we surface. Slowly began returning to normal body temperature. The crowd around Jack doesn’t understand. The ship at the shore. If he does not know where the jack attaches to the door is a beautiful girl lies. Jack buried the girl’s hand again into the water in order to avoid being officially treats the girl clinging to a pontoon. He speaks very well his job, jack crafty ocean water.

3 – Jack promotes work.

Jack knew the girl wakes up. But of course the man who stuck their hand is stretched a little when they noticed the girl is not a son of a bitch. If you see a handsome guy, that I won’t be seeing the light of day without a frozen pizza in the world says, and clings to Jack’s hand. Jack advances through. For a girl who grew up in homes rich neutra, at least I wouldn’t fall into the cold water and hold the door properly. der and Jack, just as for the Jackal in the meantime the girl says that she’s cold. a

4 – Jack throws the switches.

that’s it! Jack looks at his daughter’s spoiled attitude, he’s not home Combi the end of which God created it goes without saying that the girl on the door, rolls into the icy ocean water. Our spoiled girl who couldn’t make it to get cold Jack! Jack! so bagiradur for you, jack, what is selfish, what the fuck, what a shit person you are! it means that.

5 – a miracle will happen and from the bottom of the ocean a ship comes to the surface.

at that moment, a miracle happens and the ocean starts to float. A giant ship from the bottom of that ocean surface float and upsetting all the laws of Physics gathers all the people that were scattered into the ocean. Them rather not.

6 – assemble the broken pieces of the ship.

The two parts of the ship that split in two just before the Renaissance of the pie served to the guests in the kitchen shattered in two the way is reunited heykelvari way as merging. Violinist, so if they continue to still songs. Nice, they they are doing the same thing in both directions. The only constant in the movie they are men. Bravo, you must be Halal.

7 – jack and rose want to celebrate this moment.
goes to the sunk ship’s side. logically decomposes the sentence when jack and rose side-not the man, they decide to go straight from the stem, and under the influence of happiness that he survived sevininc them have sex.

8 – Jack can smell money.

Often Jack their nefarious plans are continuing. Caught the scent of money, and the girl is so phony phony shows love. Father-in-law mother’s legacy is enormous. Rose E is now the only kid already. Oh mis!.

9 – April rose snob fiance got angry and assigns and removes the necklace.
keeps me going! Ibrahim tatlises-mentioned man ungrateful cat! Didn’t you say you love the necklace we didn’t say, all the vices, even good friends, we didn’t leave for you?. Then you come along, your hand acquisitive the door of the heart awake. So rip that necklace falls off me again today. It makes up with the guy, and the necklace from Rose’s neck gets ripped out millions of dollars worth of tactic, there is snow on me with a haughty attitude the whole ship. he says and walks away. Rose remained unpaid.

10 – jack from the girl cools.

So. With the money gone, Jack against her cooled. But the girl really has started to make dirty moves. Jack o male sivismac approach we’ve had sex already, okay. he said, if it’s a girl has started to show the mess inside. Judges full and there is even worse situation. In a moment the girl Prim varoslug dirty on the outside that reveals and begins spitting like a Lama like. Disgust began to Jack it from her. He stood just inside himself so that he spits twice.

11 – Jack decides to kill her.

the traitor are looking for ways to get rid of the girl stingy jack. She decides to try different methods. It infects your nerves and you start to face the girl less and less. Then makes the first attempt.

when that didn’t work try another method. Has put to the head! The girl starts to face less so. Less and less! Thus, his nerves and infects one night, encourages the girl to commit suicide. Step by step, while holding the girl’s hands on the railing of the aft deck of the ship to help out.

12 – revert to our separate ways.
now jack and Rose’s conversation is over. He came back to the hall doing the moonwalk suicide by giving up Rose, and then jack has never met. Jack’s life of gratitude, ducked laughing. Even when he got to shore he jumped down from the ship, the ship with joy.

The double Jack descends from the ship and is divided into steps. Kiraathane back to the Kool-aid continues to play accompanied by Batak.

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