To be happy, what is it? What must I do to be happy?

to be happy, to me, the inner peace that people have. Wrong thoughts in your brain without the soul that’s making for a person who is happy without a delusion, and the only thing you need is to be happy. It’s that simple. To be happy, to be rich, to be famous, everyone is loved, where you don’t have to be a type. A roof over your head to find one of barely getting by can be happy. Everyone ceases to amaze me, whatever you want that can perform instantly fell in we know that even the drugs of the celebrities, right? Why do you think? If they are to have everything that a normal person could ever ask for, so why are turning to drugs? I got this a description of myself. I’ll give an example. Think of a child. The income situation is not very good and wants to buy the newest model. During the summer vacation for other peers this like a job instead of trying to find rest and a holiday. On the other hand, the financial situation, there’s a pretty good boy. The last alone can be had for the phone model you want. At the end, both boys are getting their phones. The same phone in both hands, but do you think they feel the same happiness? Time when you stop working for months for a human or a thing in something more valuable to you? In your opinion which one is better? To realize his dream at any moment the child or relax in the summer instead of the guy who spent?

to me, a value obtained instantly to a human. Even most of the time we are not even aware of what we have. Two hands, two feet, we can see that we have, that we can hear ourselves lucky do we feel? We are lucky to have them of course, but in which people think they have to sit and think about what they can’t have that when you had to? There is no limit to what they want people to have. If you receive a phone call next year, is dating a top model, and now ls is not a value. You want to buy a new phone. The next year, the end of her top model comes out and it will never come. What we want to achieve as long as we live will continue. Well, those who don’t get bored of it instantly to achieve anything you want do you think? Human to want more constantly disappears on its own. The pleasures of this world are depressed and people are looking for new flavors when there’s nothing to acquire. I think that’s why many celebrities pursue drugs.

Briefly, you don’t need anything to be happy. Sometimes you have everything, whether you’re you can’t be happy. My goal is not to make polyannacilik. I just want you to be happy for people to put the conditions in front of them doesn’t make sense. Not knowing the value of what they have, always want more and just makes people unhappy.

The first ‘bencem. I hope you like it J


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