Today, 17 April , the person who wants to move to the castle!

Date: April 17, 2005

location: Kadikoy Sukru Saracoglu Stadium

Match : Fenerbahce – Besiktas

Referee : Bülent Demirlenk

probably all of us that day we weren’t even anticipate this game so weird, with the final whistle of the match on either side I’m sure there was a deep shock to come, remember that night?

Yi, while showing the first goal 26 Minutes Besiktas, Tumer coming from the text (0-1)

The first half is over full, when the equalizers 44 te Luciano (1-1)

everybody in the locker room now thinking to go with this score Beşiktaş Carew head with a lake, once again takes the lead minutes, 45 (1-2)

The first half ended with the score, but the actual events began in the second half, who would this match will This be?

The situation with Fenerbahce showed its head once again when u alexin lagoon 69 minutes equalized (2-2)

from this moment on, I was beginning to think that everyone will win, Fenerbahce, Besiktas coming here to win but once again was showing, couldn’t Rüştü Akın Ibrahim te remote hard milk 75 minutes (2-3)

running away from Besiktas, Fenerbahce he was chasing almost everything at work 78. enteresanlasti minutes after this minute tuncay sanli Fenerbahce dropped to the ground in the penalty area and won a penalty for Cordoba.

the intense objection in Cordoba goalkeeper referee, the referee a red card for a second yellow card and ejected from the game by

nicknamed the Panther of Kadikoy and Castle, alan Daniel Gabriel Pancu passed.

as soon as you cross to the fortress, Alex is faced with a penalty, Pancu, even though you couldn’t get the ball in the right corner jumped, 83 minutes (3-3)

from this moment on, the people no longer umutsuzlasmis Liverpool, Besiktas began to resist and the remaining 10 people on the field kalecisiz, Pancu almost breaking at the last minute in the castle, the path to victory opened.

Mac had grown up in the full 8 minutes, and 92 minutes on stage when he showed Koray Avci output yi, remote rushdie hunting Koray, Besiktas fans almost freaked out. (3-4)

who score in the remaining 6 minutes, Besiktas, has scored a victory never to be forgotten.

never forget this game, and don’t let them forget!

HERE I think to finish the competition without MAC :

I think, is our legacy, I would like to finish with a word of sergen yalcin:

“ancient rivalry? When 10 people with us on our own kalecisiz Fenerbahce, Kezman or love beats by the passing of the castle arch then the competition begins again. Eternal adjourned on 17 April 2005 competition for us.”

best regards.


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