Toothpaste, Fluoride, the pineal gland and obedience

in the world of hosting half the world’s population about one fifth of of disease is seen in most rich countries. For the visually impaired in almost any of cancer.

there is a consistency in these stats, where, where you sleep, how much light you have if it increases the probability of getting cancer and obesity.

Because in your brain, the pineal gland, melatonin and DMT called two hormone secretion, of these hormones are secreted the most during the night the air aydiklik if it does not excrete.

Melatonin in the development of children, in the healthy functioning of your nervous system is very effective in increasing the resistance of the body.

it is estimated that of melatonin are related with a substance called DMT.

DMT is found in all organisms, a substance secreted in the night during REM sleep. Most of this material at the time of your birth and death you will experience in your lifetime secrete moment.

in almost all toothpaste, even in the stores what you can find in all fluoride (sodium fluoride) hamper the functioning of your pineal gland and this article.

No sir, toothpaste, thinking that I don’t buy anyway, if you’re in a Hollywood movie, why not consider applying cocaine to the palate!

fluoride in the concentration camps in Nazi Germany, Jewish, Jews were mixed in their drinking water, prisoners exposed to this chemical and it was observed that more obedient.

my current opposition does not recognize the authority of the 1960’s and is spread in an era where, to many countries including the USA for any reason the mains waters, fluoride in the drinking water of his own people threw.

the most common way of fluoride we’re getting them in:

* fluoride toothpaste

* baby food

* soups

* Chicken Bouillon

* foods cooked in a Teflon pan or pot

* carbonated drinks

*ready-to-fruit juices

* Packed and/or processed foods

* Anesthesia chemicals

* fluoride salt

* Smoking

DMT (n,n-dimethyltryptamine), I would recommend doing a search on the Internet, the results will surprise you.


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