Tricks Of Turkish Coffee: A 40-Year Social, Turkish Coffee!

very fondly and can’t get enough of the taste, I drink to your wife about I want to tell you that I couldn’t find similar taste.
in the Turkish house is a form of cooking and presentation of coffee. Taste, smell, firing, presentation, foam and grounds, everything is unique.

this beverage, obtained by the boiling of the coffee fruit. Coffee, fruit, because he can’t reach climate in Turkey are not compatible. Coffee, fruit, grows in tropical climates.

the original Turkish coffee is very finely ground and water, with a mixture of sugar cooked over a charcoal fire. The grounds to sink to the bottom and filled into small cups. Drink a small glass of water and coffee are also served before the presentation. This ensures that the tension remains in balance.

thanks to Turkish coffee became the first coffee houses. In the coffee shop, read books, played chess and backgammon, literary conversations is made for Turkish coffee used to drink. Afterwards, the UN, has spread all over the world.

Turkish coffee, morning or noon after the meal, drink on a full stomach. That looks like coffee grounds is the only coffee from the only Coffee that looked.
The benefits of Turkish coffee as there are losses. First of all, I’m going to talk about damages, then the benefits.

Losses of Turkish coffee


  • the caffeine content of coffee. Therefore, the more damage to the heart when it is consumed. An irregular heartbeat and tachycardia can cause. It’s more about people who already have heart disease have to be careful. In the same way, drink more coffee, can cause elevation of blood pressure.
  • Coffee, it disturbs the acid balance of the stomach. So stay away from coffee if you have stomach problems, because it triggers your discomfort. Also known to trigger a migraine.
  • iron and calcium in the body neutralizes the caffeine in Coffee causes it to be expelled from the body. Thus, increasing the risk of osteoporosis.
  • coffee has more caffeine intake consumption), ovulation (fertility) is negatively affected. The same danger is present for the period of pregnancy, the less should be consumed.

let’s say the benefits.

Benefits of Turkish coffee


  • it contains the coffee, thanks to antioxidants known to fight cancer. It is well known that also is good for gallstones and liver problems. Asthma, liver disease and Parkinson’s disease protects from.
  • triggers a migraine headache is actually a good the coffee that is coming. If you don’t have a migraine painkillers the intent of potable. Don, don’t drink with the painkillers!
  • Coffee, stimulates the brain, energy, and concentration it allows you to stay awake easier. At the same time, strengthens the memory. Invigorating.
  • if it’s the most asked by women, cellulite is whether the coffee came good. Coffee prevents the formation of cellulite. Also provides fat burning.
  • induced by alcohol intake is good for depression and intoxication.
  • cholesterol reducers.
  • facilitates digestion by stimulating the bowels.
  • increases the quality of sperm by stimulating the to produce testosterone.
  • there is a fair amount of 40 years. What else?! 🙂

tricks of Turkish coffee
taste will not be the same Every cup of Turkish coffee. Need to know the tricks to prepare a good coffee in every sense.

  • First, to be used with water, non-chlorine (lime). Otherwise the coffee tastes bitter.
  • how many personalities coffee, pour a cup of water. 2 teaspoons coffee for each Cup should be added. Low – medium – sugar according to the request, the amount of sugar 1 – 2 – 3 teaspoon sugar set.
  • Turkish coffee on the stove while cooking don’t mix. When it starts to boil and foam are mixed is made out of. This is split into foam cups. Afterwards, the last time boiling the pot from the stove and is expected to be removed and filled into the coffee cup.


  • served with water and Turkish delight on the side.

enjoy it 🙂


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