Turkish Autonomous Republics In The World

just as the thought are all living in the Republic of Turkey and the Turks. Central Asia, Siberia, East Asia and many in the Balkans to be fully independent and Autonomous Turkish state. How great our glorious history reveals that this is one. I wish to address in this Autonomous Republic of Turkish origin, CEM.

Briefly, the Turkish Republic fully independent Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

1) Gagavuzya Autonomous Republic

the borders of an autonomous republic within Moldova. Because it is up to around 160,000 of the population is mentioned. Speaks Turkish to Turkey Turkish, Gagauz people. Oguz a combination of words said to have come from heaven and the name of Gagauz.

in terms of language compare to :

2) The Autonomous Republic of Crimea

connected to Ukraine as an autonomous republic. Who kept our nice Turkish language community. Speak Crimean Tatar. Quintessentially English talking to this sweet girl. Can’t be claiming otherwise.

3) Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region

in China an autonomous republic. Due to the persecution in China today, who shatter our people, the Uyghur people. Celestial Moon Star flag unofficial flag.

A Uyghur song:

3)the Republic of Tatarstan

unfortunately, in Russia of the Autonomous Republic. The 4,000,000 population’.

a tremendous Tatar Song:

5) Bashkortostan

Tatar’ or they talk with a close Turkish. It depends on Russia and autonomy. The population of more than 4.000.000. 0 are not understood, although even the most words you can choose:

6)Yakutia (Sakha) Autonomous Republic of

Autonomous Region in Russia’s Siberian region. Turkish’ what a remote dialect. But counting our numbers has been maintained. As seen in this video:

Autonomous republics




in Dagestan


The Karachai




The Turkish world MEET IN ALTAY:

I want to close with this video. What we are, where we came from let us know.

how happy a Turk’ um say.


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