KS as we’ve seen, our girls, they love to wander about in the end.I wanted to summarize this situation

1.) Regardless of their type waiting for di caprio

Yes, ini 35 percent of Turkish girls creates these people. They won’t look in the mirror, probably either their mother’s “you’re beautiful” they take stuff seriously.The interesting thing is that these girls admitting they are not beautiful or pretty Dec Dec experience frustration and give up their demands.

stay away from these girls 😀

2.) Weather average Turkish girls Angelina Jolie type

this girls, girls constitute 60 per cent of.So, by waving your hand in the street, probably hit one of these girls .This girls 1. I mentioned the gas orneklemem the ugly girls they see it as they wander about by themselves and coming to Angelina Jolie.This every day you can see from the photos they shared.These girls are beautiful, even the ordinary girls of Russia, but they see or they don’t want to see 😀

3.) Beautiful Turkish girls .

5 percent Back remained. Lucky 5%:)

The examples in 1 and 2 and yet it should be a means to explain the number 3 😀

these girls already look at the country, Italian, or French, or they want something.Onemsenem reach the purpose of will not be a small fraction of a degree, but not to the person of their dreams.

there were half the Read rate of the country and even college graduates was the highest in Russia, and all of the girls see you as a whore not like any of them .


4.Our girls foreign men ilahlastiran

for these I think 100 percent I won’t 😀

watching the movie men in love must be one of the more foreign-cultural respect and understanding, etc etc. Them Rihanna and abusive ex-boyfriend Chris Brown sample and I’m done with my words 🙂

so let us just be happy your equivalent let’s be realistic 😀


  1. Büşra

    Sen kendi insanını gömerek kendini bir b*K mu sanıyorsun kaybana? Aptalın tekisin. Sktr git aynaya bak sonra milleti eleştir. Sanarsın İngiltere prensi veya prensesi amk. Senin ben kalıbına s*çayım

  2. Asena

    First of all, learn how to write English cause that whole thing didn’t even make sense.

    If thats’s too hard, stick to Turkish.

    Let me remind you of the fact that half of you Turkish men look like apes that missed evolution and actually do belong in the forest. Y’all have to shave twice a day because otherwise you’ll look like Recep Ivedik.

    Oh and most of y’all think you’re the shit and run after girls wayyyy above your level.


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