Turkish-Kurdish Brotherhood..

Hi friends! Normally this site only answers the question, and I’d ask the question. But I think today is the first I decided to write. I’ve been thinking I’m going to write about, and I decided to write something about politics. Someone who gets angry at every decision and the other party to avoid things that will offend people from different parties because it is I’ll try. The subject of the first began to be spoken lately Bece min , the derivation of the word from the Constitution of Turkism. Now when he had said this, my younger brothers now he’s pissed. But this is not a bad thing. Please try to think about calm and cool.

brothers and sisters! We live for about 400 years the Turks and the Kurds together. Just live together, but also against people who make war on our country we stand together. We fought together, we won, nice Victories. In the old days this beautiful environment, but wrong to break with the Constitution they wanted, they wanted to parse the Kurds, the Turks and they did it. Anaysad seen my Kurdish brothers and little mistakes that are requested to be kurdurttu PKK terrorist organization. 30 000 soldiers have been killed during this struggle. Now seeks to change the Constitution, and the Constitution will be removed in the Turkish Word, and instead comes from the citizens of the Republic of Turkey. Some friends are removed, and the oppression the country is divided says. Means a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, does not mean that the country is divided. Contrary clenching means more of the country. Kurds , Laz , Circassians in the citizens of this country. This anaysad but that minor changes, will be of great benefit to our country. Kurds and Turks will allow it to dock to each other, and perhaps won’t be such a thing as the PKK a terrorist organization. So this Law you have to quit and always to remain the help of Kurds and Turks are brothers. Our times of fellowship God. THIS COUNTRY ALL OF US!


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