Turkish men, strange men? Review A Man’s Perspective

many foreign men and Turkish men on this site and on social platforms that a lot of comparing I’ve seen and handled I’d like to respond in my own way. So far, for some reason, always sharing this kind of Turkish men, and it is introduced into the ground with the most gentle expression are shown visually in the following way.

I could have done the comparison in the following way also Turkish Foreign

but the fact is that Turkish men, foreign men, compared with at least are the places that are superior to a direct comparison cannot own both of them. For a full comparison of East-West synthesis from the equation, you should remove the entry for which this entry is actually Turkish men Turkish men are the things that keep. So, please stop and see them from this comparison, you should be satisfied with their hands unless it is an extreme situation on both sides.

that is why the difference is specified as the difference of the things that I want to show briefly,

foreign men,

1. Deals with his own children,

2. Free drown it leaves so much what you wear don’t mix.

3. Watch the game at home, playing the game with you instead of a series they follow.

4. Do you cook

5. Healthier and live longer than they do sports

6. They work very hard to pass to a better life and earn more (but only in my head are the business).

7. Are romantic

Turkish men,

1. It’s not only is concerned with all children with their own children

2. It leaves free, but sit up if you know

3. In soccer or sports or prefer to do it with you on the weekend.

4. Once in a while they do dinner, but they are filling the whole family, it’s not just the two of you

5. They love to go to the movie theater

6. They try to make you feel comfortable and their families earn more for his family (Always in mind, the boy where als I need new shoes, etc. there are questions)

7. Are romantic each in their own way. They can spend their days on these dating sites

8. To the woman who writes poems in love,

.Who got locked on my eyes your loving smile never makes me feel it was the words Or the sunset on the beach?.

things that can be written can be written in one’s skin, but I wanted to get to certain things.

all the men of the family, the education, depending on what you see from your mom and dad keep in mind that it applies to. Today, the things you are complaining about your son’s failure to enforce in the future, you must strive to be a man and proper.

Turkish men and Turkish women know the value of your stock unless it is an extreme situation and you have your choice birib you complement each other like puzzle of you one of you without the other one ever.


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