Turkish Music – Western Music, Only The Polyphony – Polyphony Is A Matter Of

hello to all Friends. This is again about the wrong things and the wrong ideas produced in CEM and a trial on the matter known, I want to explain.

intertwined with the music we all we are. Since during elementary school of this Art in a way to get to know, we’re trying to. One of the most common things in music Single and multiple voices in this process. Hear these concepts. Students in schools for many years, us okutturula according to the books, the music, only the voice, a single voice on the name of the primitive(!), outdated(!), alaturka music. So it is our own music.

very loud music, very audible enhanced on the label(!), contemporary(!), universal(!) classical is the music. Really, what is this classical music? If classical music had a conversation when You “do you like classical music?” in a bourgeois manner that there are those who inquire of them “What classical music are you referring to? Ours did, or batininki of the Hindus?” by answering the question, I remember I enjoyed translating baffled. “Well, uh, of course, classical music of the west.” the minds of these ignorant people who are forced to answer to our classical music doesn’t have at all for some reason. Classical Turkish music and Western music, even Western classical music who think they know these friends very well, probably in common with the concept of “classic” carries different meanings of the word what if they don’t know that I shall not be here more.

let the issue of single and multiple voices. Well, the only what is polyphony, style, what is it? Age does have to do with the rest of contemporary or not? We will analyze now.

Friends, in nature, no music it is not alone. So this sounds if the master volume or something like what we call a harmonic correction 8 before us –namely octave – then ,like 12 something (something like 5), 15 something like (4 He), something like 17 (he hit that big 3, etc.) concatenated in the order in the manner and to the outgoing side of the hafifleyer along with continuous sound is heard. We get out of here this is the result: more than one sound to be heard at the same time, so armon, the nature of sound. Ok we get here, then harmony, counterpoint, Fugue, and polyphonic techniques such as the science that underlies the art (maybe a little Foreign and may be these terms, but dealing with the music, especially the pretty techniques guitarist friends that dominates)? Immediately explain.

the habit of seeing work together, efficiency and continuity of music, actually we know with aiming to increase heyamola, the church, human voices to the men and women before them, is divided into three among themselves. In accordance with the possibilities of the sound of tunes everyone can say comfortably that is shown in different shades so that with the notes written on the Pillar said to be the same song with more than one form of music has emerged. In the course of this formation, the difference in human voice, of course, is in the structure of the instruments, because these materials can be organized according to audio volume and technical possibilities of different melodies at the same time are exercised by the technique of an instrument has been established. Over time, voices, instruments and facilities have increased in number and spacing simplified and its principles and the opportunities a monument formidable musical realisation.

art in its own right imposing that adopted Here satisfy the genius of their own people, and that gave the quest to the point of failing to attain the satisfaction they started with unease, atonal, Quarter and a voice dodekafonik, electronic, etc. with the name of a new species produced.

we, the western 12 tone octave corresponds to our curtain 43, 4 minor and 1 Major scale pattern 5 corresponding to the basic array we have authority 587 extant as far as we know, them again 2 and 3 corresponding to the two basic rhythm of Time, 2-stroke 124 with procedures duly cihar time NIM sofyan from up to 80 different procedure, to be a single voice, let alone a thousand chose to live in Oman to adopt the colorful sounds and rhythms. Even the short description that I did “only Turkish music is loud, for him, primitive, Western music is a double vowel that has evolved.” words how pathetic I think it is enough to prove how ignorant you are.

the pole Nayi (naizen of the era’s best, pole) Mr. Niaz our teacher.

ney puffer for 10 years, serious for 4 years, contributing to various projects in music, Turkish music theory to learn from the best at that, she practiced with a master, the masters apprentices, our eminent music always works alone, and he honoured been working with communities, but very high quality works of art into the world of Western music in the classical period, composers also give my thoughts as someone who is not shy to write and perform the compositions of my information I’ve shared with you. My goal is to explain the issues that leaves the remaining question marks in the minds in suspense, and also especially to my peers as a nation are we held in contempt, our grandfathers always pushed to the background us that we have the relic, relic of how we actually oz music great, rich and magnificent to tell you that. Just so you know, it’s actually the envy of the entire world, especially the West (Byzantine) music that has been the source of other schools, including music and we have music. The backbone positions of these values in Turkish culture and civilization to our own, I think that it is our duty to learn and try to improve.

I hope I want to tell you what iletebilmis successfully. We hope to be useful… Thank you.


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