Turkish-Style The Funny Side Of Raising Children

we are different in every regard, as we are a world renowned brand on the subject of child rearing. The features that are unique to ourselves and ourselves pride ourselves on the art of raising children with the best. Our mothers especially that there are unique tactics, these tactics are not applied perhaps in no other country on earth.

applications that

* The child resists about not eating

the ways that each of us is through. We didn’t want to eat most of us. Mother was force us to get him to eat in the capital. It was the work of terror at home every meal time. The most important indicator of a brand being about this, who doesn’t want to eat the child’s nose is closed if the child opens the mouth and the spoon wound up in the mouth of asphyxia. 🙂

* I don’t trust you to trust

the Mother of the child says it all the time growing a little.

The Boy, the Mother of a friend I can go to x?

mom, let him come to us. You go out there bad. I don’t trust around.

(they’re quite right to say that)

* The crying child to shut up Beat

unfortunately, so many falls, I would on the street. Our nation is sick of this. They beat the child crying for some reason.

* would be compared with someone else’s children, and the children wait for more of what you can accomplish

Rebellious, if you want to raise will be enough to make them unhappy children. So, the potter’s son, daughter, doctor, was studied. Took a few on that paper. Look, that girl doesn’t like you. Comparing is always bad. In comparison, children certainly compares with his parents parents or others. Unfortunately, this creates a domino effect.

* come on, your mother do you love more? Or your father?

cruel parents usually asks. So tell me, do you love your mother or your father? When asked this question, the answer is they both have the same love they will never accept it. We’d sweat we unnecessary. 🙂

* your back all sweaty are you? Come Put A Towel

Yes, we all saw the towel back. Our mothers kept some extra clothes in the bag. Say I’ll necessarily come back check between the game, and then changes on us, or put the towel he used to. :))

* a very disturbing element Finishing Slippers

the inseparable mother and Turkish Slippers. While mother’s Slippers that pay attention to hardness. If you hit enough hardness would be good. 🙂 I’m actually sort of good for the kid. The various maneuvers that apply Slippers to run from thanks to develop reflexes. 🙂

* Pinch the kid who did wrong during residency

Kids see it all the time knows. Mother’s eyes are constantly. God so you will be notified when. Of course, that’s Old shame that children don’t arlanma current. 🙂

* you can’t do

all mothers to include, or you can’t eat your food you stop this feed. I’m gonna cover up the front. Let me carry your bag. Let me get you dressed. Do I remove the shower. Children who have received age, that would be embarrassing.

* Beat the wall in the house was hurt Because the kid who hit the wall

This every other parent is doing it. Children’s double trouble, what if her parents beat her for revenge hurts the child’s life. There are certainly an example of this is in another country. :))

whatever. Our mothers, our fathers, the crown of my head. Her mother, her father picked her up from whatever it applies to us. Us when the time comes we will be like them.

Thank you for reading.

share the joy. 🙂


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