Types of abandonment..

Friends, this is my last, because I think after 4 days, won’t enter the site again.

this, I think I’m going to mention the person who was dumped, too.

1-to be dumped by girlfriend

you meet someone, love, we’ll be lovers, but then when we try to fight this to the end I love it. Pack your bags and he will go away but a person without any effort. There’s nothing like love, it’s because of people like this.

2-to be abandoned by your parents

baby when he was abandoned by his mother and father, nice kids. When the family didn’t come with a huge load of children who are orphaned until the age of 18, carrying on their shoulders the love of a family that is not in an environment where the children are under the protection of the state until 18, but after that age, the most difficult time in the orphanage doesn’t want more of what’s going on. You are entitled to either have children or have children quit!

3-SON abandoned by

our parents who brought us into this age after a certain age, older, and her hands cut off. But being sent to a nursing home because I can’t look at him. What a visit, no phone from them are being taken. Never, ever, let’s not upset our mother and father. They are precious to us.

4-abandoned animals

sorry the video output side.

do not torment them if I can’t have pets in shape.


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