Types of Bronzer and implementation

summer is coming! If you don’t want to use a powder Bronzer siritsin your skin color I would recommend.

The high places of the face by applying to the skin a bronze color powder Bronzer in addition to giving the face of the structure golgelendirir prepare the project. There is a lot of this product that are available in all seasons. Daily makeup is not invited to the party, the ball in times very preferred.

brushes are used when applying Bronzer fuller rounded to provide a homogeneous distribution.

under the cheekbones, sides of forehead, temples, nose and jaw should be applied to the edges. In this way you can konturleme. You should use two shades of Bronzer so your tan darker.

Highlighter (Informative)
Blush (Blush)


  • light skin

you should choose shades of Peach bronzer. Brown with a tint lower products should be used. Closer to the blonde pinkish tones in the bronzer will be appropriate.


  • Wheat ones

you should choose shades of Earth or copper bronzer. The glittering lack would be more appropriate. Otherwise, these shades may give a dirty appearance.


  • Darker (Brown) skin

Chocolate Bronzer shades should be preferred.
luminous powder Bronzer, matte and transparent varieties.


  • Glittery Bronzer

is applied to only certain parts of the face and gives light.


  • Matte Bronzer

it is frequently desirable that this Bronzer does not shine in konturleme varieties.

  • Transparent Bronzer

is the best choice for a natural and healthy appearance.

powder Bronzer powder as well as liquid forms.

this summer, white, surf. Close the difference in using Bronzer!

good luck.


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