Understand The Ways Of Cats

Hello friends. I’ll tell you what their behavior means you cats. I solved them now because I have 4 cats 🙂 I want to wish you enjoy reading it.

1) If you take up the hunchback with the feather

this move kittens to “play the game” I want to come to mean, for adult cats “I’m in danger” or “I’m afraid” means.

2) your belly is showing

This means that you trust and love Him wants to move on. Him be happy.

3) If miyavliyor

This means that wants to get your attention. Cats only meow to talk to people 🙂

4) If girliyor

This means that it is very peaceful and happy. Usually when you love Him girlarla.

5) If a head rubbing

located on the floor to his head, “it’s mine now,” he says. If they want her to like you you rubbing his head.

6) If scratching

this usually is a common behavior in kittens. Asks you to take him to your attention. When buying a cat scratcher, I suggest you get too. You don’t want to scratch your furniture, right?

7) if he is wagging his tail

this move has him angry, that means you’re angry.

8 ) if it is shaking while sleeping

shake sleep his nightmares. Usually kittens tremble in sleep.

most of the cats I’ve told you about the meaning of the effected movement. I hope you understand your cat better now 😀 you all have a good weekend!


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