Unforgettable Cartoons Legend – 1

We watched when we were kids, and we cannot forget cizgifilmler.


it was a pleasure to watch Beyblade that tournament, the excitement in our partners we’d make. This just broke out as a cartoon and Toy with our lives for a long time it wasn’t. I want to watch a cartoon but still it was fun.

-Tom and Jerry

everyone has already followed, Tom and Jerry, these two stumble upon each other, they would have given us so much pleasure to deal with each other. Though the two hated each other without Tom Jerry, Jerry Tom can’t without it 😀 and I loved Tom, that constantly make stuff for Tom jerry, the dog ran next to was annoying or something 😀

-road runner

so, Coyote, Roadrunner mind I would like to be spending elsewhere to eat, for sure would be a great man. So there’s not a method that attempted to capture him, but he will never be caught so it’s not like our road. The Jackal instead of this, if I was to catch him with the money I spend of things I’m fed, I felt my belly 😀

-Bugs Bunny

Yes, everyone hanging out, annoy, and then a fleeing rabbit. Very frustrating isn’t it 😀 but well, who’s mission it was a rabbit, pulling Sam to her no one else has had to.


oh ahhh Cedric, unable to Chen that went, his grandfather would constantly take advice from, but never the job properly he wouldn’t. Write daily and was constantly looking out of the window. One of those who get Cedric / Genesis system.

-Red kit

a shadow, a man who quickly pointed the gun, and closest friends and incredible adventures of rantanplan, Jolly. So, this cartoon was really very nice, what did the daltons if this guy didn’t make it.


The friendly Ghost we, the public well-being and to help who wants to be friends with everyone it was a ghost. But everyone in the room alone with him all the time and we were sad we scare she’d be upset, of course.


Popeye, olive was pulled from this what Popeye is kidnapped, which means something that’s constantly per our ending, and could have saved from the explosion like eating the spinach out of his pocket Nov. Popeye pulled at his rough beard. Laz, I thought this Popeye but it’s not.

-Scooby Doo

Scooby and shaggy beast of the two of them and constantly explore and oburluk
kiligindaki never change a thing I wouldn’t find them and chase them.
they’re going to die one day and they could not keep their throats, but that’s when you go. Fred pulled out constantly to take the girls exploring, I would always be clay him 😀

-inspector gadget

when the men tried to get claws with the gadget if one tried to hurt his niece, Penny gadget rescues him and everyone thought he made, he kept and showered with awards. Unwittingly didn’t even know they own 😀

lays out the gadgets if you are here wanting to see claw’s face.


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