Unwanted hair finally the solution to this LUN DU!!

Yes friends as you all know the problem although all women Feather Hair basimiizn one of the biggest trouble men are complaining about our situation. Network razor, Epilator, depilatory creams sarartici the methods of getting rid of these hairs, but as you know, the most effective and long lasting in the age excruciating thing on the network! Now your hairs short and sparse, and will gradually decrease each uygulayisinizda, one for myself and immediately take off my feathers, I tried that approved 2haftada do on the network though. The recipe I’m going to tell it just now to apply, your hair will definitely be purged with the network, you must open the cells of the hair follicles. After waxing, a door half a lemon juice, and salt to him to be the clerk of the same value, mix this mixture immediately after a wax the area we wanted we stand(I’m using pet, cotton) are pretty but don’t be afraid, you will feel a burning sensation at the end completely from the hair kurtulucagi your thinking on hold. This is the day you have prepared the mixture the next day and you’ll have to finish each ride kalmicak when the wall dries out or something dries up again 10min already ends. This is because this recipe continue throughout 3days, 3days of this, the hair follicles, however, remains open.Yeah, come on, you guys geceyiiimmm more of a favor I said in the beginning, and we all already know the anguish that acisiiii of wax, now we’re getting him too. Cream real estate is our name(or It) little bitty thumb serce creams that are sold in pharmacies in our neck of the tube you can easily find. 1hr elephant stretch wrap and wax from the top with 1 hour ago the region we wanted syrup we’re holding, and then we start our wax. 0aci 0izdirap! that area will be completely numb, but hold fast your hand, the effect I know it’s only 1 hour. No, your prayers don’t skimp from me :))


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