Us For ‘Tea’

I know, you have to drink a lot, have all kinds of.

a place for tea But Turkish society is different from the first eye of pain son ( my second child, I have a wound ? ). That’s exactly why I thought the tea for us? I realized it was a lot of things.

The Roots, Batumi and Artvin’ e based on I say that as one of bragging in Turkey, in Artvin tea first bred.So I’m getting my hands on the microphone, the right to speak is mine ?

there’s not really much I can give you me. If you drink tea, if you like the way if you go there, âşık veysel

Yes, this sentence social media launcher, go get some clams we heard, too, but my first quote from the Bard aşık veysel I wanted to do. I didn’t have the heart to jump when you have His Word on this subject ?

you’re asking me so do you like the solitude? So, even two together, so let’s dissolve sugar in tea.

this sentence me sentence always comes as comfort. Haven’t found a cure for his own loneliness, but maybe the sugar pleasure, warm-hearted people we are 🙂 Actually, in our society, tokenized tea.In fact, Tea is not tea reminded them of when.

our talks sometimes family, sometimes at the cafe where we first met the boyfriend we went at the picnic samovar and a pot of tea and bring memories or that person who forgets, perhaps a nice boiled the kettle and poured on top of your brother ( now running while putting tea in every nook and cranny, weird ? ) reminiscent of a hot tea, isn’t it? At every moment a cup of tea, each Cup in a moment.

we are told that there have two cups of tea, open one, I wish I loved you for that only.Cemal Süreya

not if I don’t put a quote from a poem ?

there is no time. And Bell pulls.

But what is clear and strong, that’s the tea chat adds, adds flavor friends

a cup of tea, friends, comfort in the position of a fortune.

the loneliness sadness tea carries. Chat.

Murat basaran

I don’t know why I chose this topic first CEM ?

I love Me a drink, but my goal is just to people need our friendship and loneliness was to tell us not ?

we can see that even human can be in love with the tea of loneliness, although we can’t, the most ideal ?

instead of making tea friends tea friends precious people we hope to have our enjoyment. ?

a note on tea for everybody, no ?

betül sancar


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