Hello dear KS members in kadıköy üsküdar CEM to see great places and spaces in prominent places and places where you can go after you now, I will introduce you to.

May I first start the girl from the tower which is the symbol of üsküdar,

the Maiden’s Tower:

has a history that dates back to 24 B.C., the Maiden’s Tower. It is quite a pleasure to sit down in front and watch the sunset. There are different rumors about a rich benchmade I can provide it to you. When you enter into when you look around Sultan Ahmet, Hagia Sophia, Galat Tower, çırağan and üsküdar that is demonstrated in the spectacular views. A bit salty as the restaurant prices. Those who propose there is available in wedding, and when you go you will see for sure :))

on the drawbridge the child waving
Istanbul is a mother

full of milk for
the Maiden’s Tower is the bottle
so it’s a matter held in the water

çamlıca Hill:

another symbol of üsküdar, çamlıca Hill. Which makes a poet of the people here,:)), it is one of the highest places of Istanbul, Camlica, large return and are divided as küçük çamlıca. For each site the view is awesome.

The Small Çamlıca is usually a picnic in order to get the wedding done and the municipal social facilities. He, meanwhile, it is forbidden to make a barbecue in the woods.

the balcony of Istanbul called camlica great. Take your tea and your Wheel and enjoy the scenery to watch. Inside restaurants and recreational facilities are available. Here, too, and you can see them being cektirenl damatlıklar many wedding dresses picture.

You will receive month keep secret
çamlıca under the stars in beautiful
will be plenty of Lovers lovers is the way to
a branch of each flower is beautiful in çamlýca

FETHI Pasha woods:

very nice throat view. To listen a place where you can quiet your head, calm. Already the trees you can come to the walk will draw you in.

there are restaurants within, but my preference is at the municipal social breakfast and coffee is good. I go to the balcony to sip your coffee and beautiful views of the Bosphorus-Turkish against I would recommend.

Florence Nightingale Museum:

The Museum at the Selimiye barracks that is taking place. Used as a military hospital during the Crimean War Selimiye barracks (at that time used items are on display.

Florence Nightingale is considered the founder of modern nursing to the museum where it was given its name for those. Florence Nightingale many manuscripts and letters are exhibited.

The mihrimah Sultan Mosque:

I can actually say that I love this mosque because of the story. Mimar Sinan and mihrimah Sultan mosques in the story I wrote a long love between two benchmade named so, here I’ll give a brief recap. After the age of 17 would be suitor in love with mihrimah Sultan, mimar Sinan, Suleiman, the daughter of the governor of diyarbakır but returns to edirnekapı mihrimah Sultan Mosque and üsküdar mimar Sinan is one of the other two after this incident.

The meaning of the name the sun and the moon, mihrimah. So the birthday of mihrimah Sultan 21 March is the day when night and day are equal. Edirnekapı mihrimah Sultan Mosque on the day of March 21st as the sun sets behind the only minaret of the mihrimah Sultan born with the moon behind the minaret of the mosque in üsküdar.

Cafes and restaurants:

the maple FAMILY Tea Garden:

I can tell you that the sun is the most beautiful is born here. Outside food can be brought in. The door of your puff pastry, bagel and have a cup of tea here in your point of view watch. But my advice if you go for the weekend, you may not find a very crowded place.

The kandilli place that offers:

the fish is fresh, and the service in the same way a very good view. Prices are good but a bit salty compared to many fish restaurants in the throat that doesn’t change the fact :)) at the restaurant alcoholic beverages are available.


here is the fish, service and scenery is very beautiful. The price is pretty reasonable for such a beautiful place. Alcoholic drinks available.


here comes to my mind first when it was called the bakery. Natural ice cream the ice cream and the taste is pretty plain, it’s a favorite of I would recommend. Strawberry Mille-feuille I’d suggest flour.

if you look at nearby bakeries Price is very suitable. From here the pastry, take the pastry and cinaralti you can go to.


views of the sea, it’s a beautiful place. There is a breakfast buffet on weekends until 13.30 o’clock. However, on the weekends it gets a little crowded in here, but still you can find the place.

Thank you for reading. I will continue to promote venues and places to see and visit Istanbul.

good-bye. 😀


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